Healing & Commitment

Have you ever wondered why it has been so difficult to make a positive, lasting change in your life or body? Well, I believe that the answer comes down to commitment. We live in a wonderful world full of distractions and escapisms. Yet the problem is, that if you’re not ready to make commitments to yourself, then the change probably won’t happen.


I understand that it must be so frustrating for you. It’s not easy to make changes and commitments in life. I especially understand how frustrating it may feel when others around you easily achieve their goal without even trying, without the struggle. And here you are trying everything and doing your best. Yet, you have landed with a difficult challenge and it seems impossible to conquer. You have every right to feel angry and frustrated by it. Allow yourself to feel these feelings, and when they are processed it’s time to take another step forward.

Have Faith

I want to tell you to have faith even when it seems like nothing will get better. Faith is having the ability to believe in something when you can’t see it. Faith is really lacking these days. It’s like the world is such a material 3D place that if it’s impossible to be or do what you really desire, then the world has ended. You are worthy and deserving of all good. Remember that this source energy that keeps you alive and breathing everyday has the very best intentions for you. But if you can’t appreciate the good you have, it’s difficult to receive better. Stop and smell the roses, smile and enjoy those little things in life that make you happy. Do you remember what they are?


There is one thing that is definitely guaranteed in life, and that is that life is continuously changing. This is why it is an art to just enjoy the present. The present is a gift, that is why it is called the present! Developing these feelings of appreciation can really take you to another level of love. Often if you can’t appreciate things and you feel emotional, you may be in a state of fear and this blocks the love. Love energy has a much higher and more powerful vibration than fear, uncertainty or doubt.

Commit To Change

If you really want to make a difference in your life, the answer is to make a commitment to change. It can take some deep self-reflecting to discover this. You will come across things which you appreciate, and others that will need to change. Doing the same thing over again in the same way, will provide you with the same result. Committing to change involves discovering your Why factor and values, so you can then realise how important making this change is. This helps you easily commit to the change.

Find a coach, therapist or practitioner who is walking their talk in self development and experience. Someone you connect with and will provide you with that support. I personally find that being accountable to a professional makes me take the risks and take action. It also saves me a lot of time. But don’t expect the change if you don’t commit, depending on your history it may take you a long time to change. I promise you if you commit and don’t give up, the your results and success will follow.

Committing to Self & Healing

The only way you know you love yourself or someone else, is from the commitments you are willing to make and keep.”

Dr Pat Allen

Remember that making a commitment is an important virtue. One of the core reasons you would do it is out of love for yourself, because you care about yourself so much that you don’t want to suffer anymore. You are aware that you want better, and you are willing and ready to be worthy and deserving of the best. The body is a brilliant healer, it is just that often what you are doing and saying to it interferes with its’ wellbeing processes.

I encourage you to take a leap forward and make a change and commit to it, and see what happens! LIfe rewards action.