Raw Egg For Fertility

Eggs and fertility, well they go together like a horse and carriage! Think spring, eggs, easter and the cycle of life. Spring brings new growth and so does eggs.  Especially while you are getting your acupuncture to optimise the benefits of your treatments. Eating raw eggs is a great way to improve your fertility.

raw egg fertility

Did you know that traditionally it was common knowledge that raw eggs were beneficial for the mother and baby? Perhaps due to our clinical Western society we steer away from eating raw egg. This could be the one superfood that may make a difference to your holistic wellbeing & fertility.

Benefits Raw Egg Fertility

Like most foods, eggs lose some nutrients when they are cooked. These are the main advantages of eating a raw egg versus a cooked one:

  • 36% more vitamin D
  • 33% more omega-3s
  • 33% more DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)
  • 30% more lutein + zeaxanthin
  • 23% more choline
  • 20% more biotin
  • 19% more zinc

The in summary, raw eggs is a nutrient-dense foods packed with:

  • Protein (easy to absorb, bioavailable)
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Can support eye health
  • Choline (B-Vitamin), biotin & zinc

The Special Italian Raw Egg Fertility Drink

In Italy today, it is a common understanding that if you would like to get pregnant then it is time to eat raw egg! Here is how to make your very own delicious raw egg treat.

Uovo batutto translates in Italian to ‘beaten egg’ in English.

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It certainly is an acquired taste, like most health food does. But I must say it is quick, easy, and satisfying to eat and prepare!


one raw, fresh organic egg

a dash of maple syrup/honey

a dash of whiskey or Marsala


Place whole egg maple syrup and whiskey in bowl. Beat for 2-3 minutes until it is a thick foamy consistency. Eat from bowl in the sunshine or place in a fancy glass and enjoy!


Uovo Battuto Variations

You can create your own personalised varieties of uovo sbattuto.

  • Try a pinch of cinnamon or turmeric
  • a dash of coffee
  • grated organic citrus zest
  • adding fresh ginger is great for a warming and easing digestion effect.

What Is This Raw Egg Dish Good For?

This food can support your:

  • energy
  • satisfy a sweet craving
  • it’s great for teeth and bones
  • essential fats to build sex hormones
  • it’s nourishing for women who are pregnant (just make sure your eggs are super fresh, organic and clean)
  • breastfeeding and kids too
  • It is a jing tonic, given the Chinese consider pure egg as pure essence
  • pure substance that is very nourishing like other eggs and seeds found in nature are good for our gametes (eggs and sperm).

So give it a try, it is like a frothy mousse with a slight sweet flavour.

A traditional Italian breakfast that deserves complete appreciation.

Buon appetito!

Raw Egg & Longevity

Almost a year ago, Emma Morano of Verbania, Italy died at the ripe old age of 117 years.

What was the secret to her longevity as a super centenarian?

Well it certainly wasn’t Weetbix, puffed cereal or the other standard things we tend to breakfast here in Australia. It was three chicken eggs per day! Two raw, and one fried.

Raw eggs contain a nutrient power-house, and in Chinese medicine are considered a jing tonic, which means they nourish the body deeply for long-lasting health, energy and fertility. After all being fertile is being youthful. Eating a raw egg a day can assist the body to eliminate stored toxins and keeps the vital enzymes and nutrients intact.

In the South of Italy, beaten egg or as they exotically call it Uovo Sbattuto, is the staple breakfast for the young to the old. Traditionally it is made with a dash of marsala (alcohol to sterilise any potential bacteria).

raw egg fertility

Raw Egg for Immunity

My Italian nonna (granny) told me that I must eat a raw egg a day to strengthen my immunity, and she was right. It really made all the difference and it is a super quick and very nourishing way to start the day. However my Italian cousin looked at me peculiarly when I was making it and said women only eat that when they want to get pregnant!

Is Raw Egg Only For Fertility

Not at all! Traditionally, British women often ate raw eggs during pregnancy. Given it was an economical and essential way to good nutrition for mother and baby. Nowadays, women are not aware of the great benefit of this food.

Raw egg is great for your energy, health and to keep the body young and strong. I highly recommend using fresh, good quality organic eggs. You can even add raw egg to soup or a smoothie. Or if you can’t eat it raw, perhaps try having a runny yolk for some raw benefits.

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