Chinese Medicine Online

What is Chinese Medicine Online?

Well you certainly can’t have acupuncture or cupping online! But you would be surprised about how much healing can be ignited over the internet.

Given lockdowns and insecurity over the last two years, many patients have begun taking advantage of accessing Chinese Medicine treatment online. This service is a very personalised and focussed session on discovering what you need support with. Here is what Chinese medicine is all about;

In summary;

  • Discuss what your concerns are about your health issue and anything relevant like what you are taking for it, your plans and what you are unsure about
  • Explore and provide Chinese Medicine diagnosis
  • Discuss options and what is required to improve your concern: lifestyle, emotional, dietary and if needed acupressure for home prescription and herbal medicine (or prescription)
  • Sometimes a personalised guided meditation and/or affirmations to support you

Benefits of Chinese Medicine Online?

No matter where you live in the world now you can access high-quality Chinese medicine online in the convenience of your own home. Many types of people choose to work with Dr Ilana. With her special interest and expertise on women’s health, may women from all over the world as far as America and Russia consult online.

  • Easy to access
  • No need for travel
  • Excellent for patients who want to know the lifestyle changes needed to improve their health challenge
  • High quality, good value and affordable

How To Book Chinese Medicine Online

Select the book appointment button on the website. You will then receive an online booking confirmation. Shortly after you will receive your zoom link, payment request (please note payments locally in AUD$150 and for oversees payments due to fees USD$140). Along with the initial consultation form to complete.

Can I Get Herbal Medicine Online?

Depending on where you are, Dr Ilana can post herbs to you most easily in the USA and New Zealand. Otherwise Dr Ilana will provide you with a herbal prescription that you can take to your local Chinese herbalist and have made. Having said that, we can post to anywhere in the world it will just take time. Herbal medicine costs are extra to your consultation fee.

How To Get The Best Value from Chinese Medicine Online

When you are consulting with anyone for specific information, try to be clear and direct with your questions and answers. Many patients will waste their time focussing on the drama in their life rather than working through the health challenge and finding appropriate solutions.

If you do have a lot going on in your life and feel like you need to talk about it, I would recommend booking in for some coaching or requesting an appointment where we just talk it out if that’s what you need. The hour of time is precious and I want you to make the most of this time. Make sure you are in a quiet space and have no distractions, written questions and taking notes all help too.

Find Out More About Chinese Medicine Online

Please book your appointment and note that times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). Or please contact Dr Ilana via email or on the phone to find out if Chinese Medicine Online. Please read our other blogs about health and remember you are worthy and deserving to feel great and have good health.