Enjoy Sugar In Moderation?

Sugar! Ah so addictive! Tastes so good but creates havoc so bad. My mum had my sister and I on a sugar-free diet as kids so we were very robust and healthy kids. However this meant we had no idea how to eat sweets in moderation.

Like Marie Antoinette haughtily proclaimed, “Let them eat cake!”

Being so extreme as to never eat some sweet food is very unhealthy.

How many times do you hear of people attempting this then bingeing crazily on chocolate and cannot stop themselves?

Sometimes a cleanse or break from sugar can be useful especially if you are trying to eradicate candida but if you are generally well I recommend eating sugar in moderation.

Famous Watermelon Cake, Blackstar Pastry in Sydney

This is may be once a week or a fortnight, and when you do enjoy that special treat, make it count.

Sugar treat, once a week!

Go out for a nice piece of cake and tea at a patisserie that makes truly divine, artisan desserts to eat it properly!

There is no need to be emotionally attached or guilty about eating food, it is just food.

If you find it difficult eating sweets in moderation or losing weight, herbs, Chinese dietetics and acupuncture can help. I practice in Fairfield, Melbourne and can help you achieve balance in your life.

Acupuncture can be effective for addictions, many rehab institutions have used it to support smokers and drug addicts to become free of their habit.

We are well into the new year and it is never too late to get healthy and enjoy life.

Acupuncture Melbourne

At Femme Vital Acupuncture in Fairfield Melbourne, expect the best Chinese medicine and holistic health coaching to your needs and look forward to living life in an authentic and wonderful way.

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