Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yin Water Rabbit 2023

Credits to Astrologer Samuel Dudgeon for this expert information for your year ahead. Read the full article here and watch the 16 minute video here.

The Rabbit

Essentially the rabbit sign is considered gregarious yet aloof. Rabbits tend to avoid confrontation, are benevolent and are inclined to be gossipy and artistic.

Water Energy

Note that the year is moving from the Yang Water Tiger, which has been full force of water. Notice the flooding and constant rain we have had here in Australia. Interestingly, it is now shifting into the Yin Water Rabbit. Yin Water represents still water like a pond, dew and light rain.

The rabbits personality is gentle, soft and humble. Rabbits tend to be highly intelligent yet are reluctant to share this as they are deeply internal reflective thinkers. Preferring to keep this wisdom to themselves because they have a shy nature.

Wood Energy

The Rabbit sign aligns with wood and is considered one of the four peaks in Chinese medicine. This rabbit is the peak of spring. Depending what branches you have in your chart, this wood energy will either complement or clash with it..

The Rabbit & Romance: wanted or unwanted!

Romantically, rabbit is a peach blossom star. Peach blossom stars can indicate a life full of romance unwanted or wanted. Peach blossom stars can also represent long life. To find out about your love life and Chinese Astrology it is best to get your chart professionally read. I highly recommend Samuel Dudgeon from Astropillars for the most expertise reading in the Southern Hemisphere. Having your chart read is a wonderful way to understand yourself deeper and also plan for a successful year ahead in life, love, health, wealth and career. You need to know which animals are in your house of spouse and how these combine with the rabbit.

Having Your Chart Read Is The Most Accurate Way To Plan

Depending on your chart, you may have a deeper connection with your partner. There may be conflict or a potential move. You may have a clash, which isn’t necessarily negative. Clash periods are a wonderful time for growth and self development.

Wishing you a very healthy and happy 2023, because you are worthy and deserving!