Keeping Faith & Staying Positive On Your Fertility Journey

Ticking Body Clock

A woman will often reach a point in her life where she knows she wants a baby. Men get this too. For a woman to embrace this natural maternal urge in this day and age it is rather complicated. Many women I treat in my acupuncture practice have underlying fears and self-doubts on their personal ability to procreate. This is even before finding out if they have any medical issues.

IVF and assisted reproductive techniques are common practice today, and this has projected the belief that everyone is having trouble trying to conceive.

We have to believe there is hope, light and possibility out there in all the darkness that surrounds us.


Fear Around Fertility

The main concern women have is that if they don’t conceive asap, their fertility will rapidly decline and their egg quality will be too poor. The truth is there is no scientific test that can accurately determine the quality of a woman’s eggs. There is the assumption that as a woman ages, her egg quality declines which affects the rate of a healthy embryo fertilising and continuing.

This doesn’t explain how some of the women you know are 40+ and seem to be popping out healthy babies without trouble up until 44 years of age.

Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

I bring this to the table because I truly think that what we believe creates our future. If we think we are old at 34, and our fertility is rapidly declining, it will. If we think that it is impossible for our body to physically carry the baby, we may find that we are fearful when we become pregnant and miscarriage.

Of course it is essential to have a good GP, and investigate fertility further if there are troubles along the way, and seeking the expertise of a good gynaecologist or fertility specialist if need be however we need to trust and believe in the miracle that our body is.

Your body is amazing and it will respond to positive change in emotions, thoughts, beliefs and physical care.


If we hurt our body by feeding it junk food and telling it that it is worthless, then we may find it difficult to become pregnant. Sometimes there can be underlying problems that we have not dealt with, such as our mother telling us that children will ruin our lives, or physical ones like PCOS or endometriosis which can be related to not connecting or loving the divine feminine that we are.

When I support my patients on their fertility journey, I try my best to navigate all areas that may be preventing them from conceiving, moving blockages and changing aspects for the better.

Fertility Acupuncture Melbourne

Acupuncture is widely used and accepted for fertility support. The Chinese have been using Chinese herbs for hundreds of years for fertility and pregnancy.

There is nothing more satisfying than to travel this arduous journey from pre-conception to post-partum and meet that wonderful baby that is so very worth it all.

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