Cultivating Gratitude Amongst The Chaos

I woke up to the screeching noise of  metal scraping and banging something. It was midnight. I soon roused and realised this was directed at our beloved new car! A driver was high on drugs and through my front window proceeded to drive forth and back into the cars rear wheel.


The next day was a challenging one. Full of speaking to tow truck drivers, police, insurance people, car hire people… The list goes on. It was a busy day in clinic. Then dropping the in-laws off for a well meaning drink at the Maribyrnong boathouse ended up with being stuck in Melboune traffic for two hours 😁.

Usually I can see that the glass is half full, but this day was really testing me. In this challenging situations, we need to get back to the basics.

I am grateful I have a car  😊

I am grateful that everyone I love is safe and well ❤️

I am thankful that there are many people helping and looking after this situation to help me 😉

It’s a sunny day 🌼

I am alive! 😀

Days like this remind me that life is usually smooth and fine, and sometimes we are challenged ! ✨

I’m having some acupuncture today because for me, it always releases that tension and stuck energy that can get trapped in the body when it all seems too much, like rediscovering possibility.

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