It’s the weekend! How many of us run around like headless chickens meeting friends, family, attending engagements, doing thing for others but not ourselves?


Astrologically this the year of the Rooster and a recurrent theme is health this year. Some people will be more prone to health problems particularly the skin. This is your year to prioritise your self-love, happiness and wellbeing.

When we spread out energy too thinly in many places with too many people, it can lead to emptiness, loss of purpose and sadness.

Why are we doing this and what is the point of catching up with people when you feel run down and exhausted?

Of course wellbeing includes socialising with our loved ones, but we don’t need to do it at the extent of exhausting ourselves into the ground, if someone really loves you they will want the best for you. We can also arrange social activities around well being like meeting at the beach, or a park or a healthy dinner party. One patient told me of a meditation group she started with some friends.

Socialising doesn’t need to solely revolve around eating out and drinking alcohol.

Back to thyself, essentially we are here on this planet for ourselves. When we are happy, living our lives to their true authentic purpose then we can share this joy and abundance with those wonderful people in our lives. And who are those wonderful people?

People that appreciate and love you for who you are. They will be ok when you say sorry I can’t catch up tonight because I’m knackered. It’s the ones who are high maintenance and demand the world from you that need questioning as friends.

Acupuncture is brilliant for helping you connect to your authentic self if you find it challenging to do the inner work. Don’t give up… You can do it!

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