Gua Sha Benefits & Actions

Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧; pinyin: guā shā) translates to “scraping sha-bruises”.

It is a key treatment in traditional Chinese medicine where a clay tool is used to firmly stroke the skin which brings out toxic heat from the body. Here at Femme Vital we prefer to use crystals like Jade and Rose Quartz on our patients for better healing and effect.

The sha or toxic heat deep in the muscle is brought out from the therapy of gua sha.

Yes, it certainly looks unsightly, with the main side effect being a bruised look on your skin for a few days. It can be slightly sore when done.

However the benefits certainly outweigh the look, especially if you prefer to avoid medication and want to detox the body. Usually when a patient experiences gua sha they are amazed at how much less tension is in the area. Also at how hot it feels, given the heat is exiting the body. It can even be beneficial for fever.

By moving blood and toxins from inside to the surface of the body, gua sha promotes aa renewing and healing effect to the area applied.

In the photo below, the gua sha has been indicated for sore throat. It is amazing how it can instant relief. The theory suggests that by scraping the neck, the blood brings the pathogen, stagnant qi and toxic heat to the surface, which will take some days to fade. However the internal sore throat pain is alleviated, depending on the severity of it.

The sha or toxic heat that is brought up from gua sha

Gua sha has a myriad of uses from sore throat, infection, high fever, inflammation, chills, cough, sinusitis, heatstroke to pain and much more. Discomfort can be experienced as the spoon is pressed from top to bottom, however the relief produced is usually instant and many swear by it.

This is a common theme in Chinese medicine where we aim to ‘release the exterior’, we bring it out through the skin.

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