Wild Rose For Pain, Beauty & PMS

Admiring this stunning rose today made me think of the herb mei gui hua or dried rose buds (rosa rugosa) that are used in Chinese Herbal Medicine often for women’s health, periods and fertility.

Rose is a herb, and the young, wild buds are used in Chinese medicine.


The rose is the universal symbol of love has been used for medicine purposes for centuries.

It is fragrant, clearing, and mild in nature which makes it ideal for nourishing the liver, moving qi and blood and most importantly clearing stagnation: which in Chinese medicine is a common reason for why we present with pain or illness.

You can make a straight tea or blend the dried rose buds with other herbs such as ginger, peppermint or calendula for men or women.

Benefits of Rose Tea

Include it regulating the qi as to calm stress and move tension. When taken regularly it can support good metabolism and weight loss for those with endocrinological disorders: think thyroid.

Long-term use of Rose tea clears the complexion and benefits the breasts, you know for that pre-menstrual tension breast pain?

Lastly it can ease constipation and help the period flow.

Given it performs these functions it would be best taken from 36 weeks onwards in pregnancy.


Drink some special rose tea tonight to your good health!

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