I Survived Day 1 Spring Detox

It’s been years since I did a good detox; one great thing about having a baby is it provides one excuses to avoid dedication to exercise and detoxification regimes along with anything else you wish to evade.

Ranges of excuses include;

  • sorry I’m breastfeeding
  • Sorry, we’ve got a routine
  • Sorry, I’ve been up all night
  • Blah blah blah.

So once my little girl had turned two it was time to hit the the local yoga studio and bust out the chattarungas. When you have kids everything needs to be local, easy and accessible. And when you don’t have kids yet, enjoy the luxury of being able to go when and where you want for now and extend those excuses to your inner child!

I was supposed to start this detox last Monday, except by the afternoon I found myself eating a piece of toast (sourdough organic nonetheless) lathered with the best grass-fed butter and thus came to the realisation that some thorough preparation was required. After a massive shop at Terra Madre and a larder now overflowing with fruits and vegetables; I was ready to begin.


Sunday night over a glass of Shiraz, I contemplated the emotional pain and physical drain I would feel from not being able to savour delicious chocolate or sip some heady red wine at whim. Thoughts of doubt crept into my mind about how would I maintain the energy to do all that I do without that spontaneous cheeky coffee or just enjoy whatever I please to ‘keep me going’.

Monday morning I managed to hold off the toast, and politely refuse the tempting offer of a latte in clinic. I had passed the first six hours of the day! For afternoon tea I munched on a few baby carrots and then found I was bored of eating them.

It was then that I started to feel edgy and irritable.

I realised that avoiding all the processed food was bringing up emotions inside and boy did they come out (at the demise of my famly), but then I felt so much better!

It was an emotional release. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol are highly addictive and we can self-medicate with food; you feel emotional… freak out… so you have some chocolate, wine or coffee, something really lovely to smother those deep emotions. Sugar is more addictive than heroin.

I feel clear today and very energised.

I like feeling good. Now to that lemon and salt shooter ;).

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