Will You Survive Day 1 Spring Detox?

Spring Detox

You may be in lockdown and who knows when it will end? After last night’s announcement, you may not be able to control what is happening in Melbourne but you certainly can be in control of how good you think and feel.

However, let us consider the bright side of life, at least you can Spring detox after all that staying at home indulgence.

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Cleansing In Spring

Spring is traditionally the time to cleanse. It’s when the energy of the earth comes out from dormancy. Flowers bloom, and so should you! You’ve certainly had hibernation with lockdown so now is a great time to prepare for your Spring detox.

How Do You Know You Need A Spring Detox?

A range of signs and symptoms you experience may indicate you need this:

  • lack of energy or brain fog
  • chronic illness or inflammation
  • infertility issues
  • headaches
  • increase in belly fat, weight loss resistence
  • water retention
  • cravings or blood sugar issues
  • overheating & excessive sweating
  • acne, rosacea & skin problems
  • moodiness or anger
  • nausea
  • chemical or food sensitivity
  • Insomnia (between 1-3am) this is when you liver energy renews in Chinese medicine

Exercise & Yoga

Are very important when preparing for and during your spring detox. Movement allows qi and toxins to flow around your body. Exercise also stimulates bowel movements and sweating to release toxins. Yogi Shannon Rokis has an amazing online yoga studio which I recommend joining if you need to feel fit & calm. Most importantly ACCOUNTABLE for your exercise!

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Mentally Prepare for Spring Detox

One of the greatest barriers to embarking on your Spring Detox is you! Yes, you will make up so many excuses to avoid doing it. Deep down you know you need it for your own benefit however only you can change your life and how you feel! So if you would like to create your own specialised cleanse come to our Spring Detox workshop this Sunday. You will learn everything you need to know holistically about spring cleansing.

It was then that I started to feel edgy and irritable.

Be Grateful & Prepare For Some Discomfort

Before starting your Spring detox, focus on enjoying those things you love! Savour that glass of wine, enjoy a really beautiful piece of cake and bless your coffee with love! When you enjoy and express gratitude for your food it is more healing for you!

Along with detoxing chemicals, you may clear emotions too. This can cause uncomfortable emotions to arise. Be prepared to coach yourself through this. Let yourself know that this will soon pass and you will feel better everyday. In fact after a few days, you will feel really good!

Sugar, caffeine and alcohol are highly addictive. Many people self-medicate and escape reality through the pleasure obtained from these substances. Sugar is more addictive than heroin.

Look forward to feeling clear in your head and energised Enjoy feeling good! This is what is coming for you when you Spring detox.

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