Fermented foods: Herman the German

is the new man in my life. I didn’t like him at first, and he was kind of palmed off to me. My friend Kevin introduced us and feeling obliged, I politely took him home. Once he entered the door, I was concerned to see he was frothing at the mouth, like a rabid dog.

“Disgusting! I have better things to do with my time”, I thought. I texted Kevin, “What do I do?!?”.

Herman is a live batter aka Deutche Friendship Cake cultured with sourdough. Kevin insisted I take the lid off the container he was in, and immediately place him in a bowl with a tea towl over him, so he could breathe.

“Don’t let Hermie die, he loves you!”, pleaded Kevin.

Mr Sourface is high maintenance, he expects to be lovingly stirred every day, to be fed lots and often. My nonna would love him.

My time with Herman has taught me that, even home-made delicious treats are full of refined flour and sugar, beware! I thought everything sourdough was healthy.

However, making your own sourdough cake dough grow and bubble with Wholemeal Plain Flour and Muscavado sugar is good fun, and then you get to pass him round to other people!

Here’s to enjoying sweets in moderation, and sharing love in excess.

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