Acupuncture Liver Qi Detox

Spring has sprung. This is the time for rebirth, inspiration and clearing out what you don’t need, and bringing in what you do.

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”. Helen Keller

The wood energy reigns in spring. In Chinese medicine, in spring we focuses on our liver energy. Those who tend to get sick in spring or at the cusp of winter to spring will have stagnant liver qi (energy). Stagnant liver qi in Chinese medicine can cause toxins to build up, constipation, slow metabolic processes in the body and also cause emotional frustration and irritability.

Do you know how to look after your liver? Our liver is a crucial organ for our fertility and wellbeing. Do you ever feel liverish? Angry, tight, frustrated? A good, tailored detox can improve many of your body functions, make you feel better and improve your fertility, with better periods, ovulation, regular cycles…

What does the liver qi do in Chinese medicine?

  • Promote circulation and store blood
  • Aid digestion
  • Balance your emotions
  • Nourishes the tendons, eyes & nails
  • Influence the inner legs, pubic & hypochondriac areas

Why do I need to cleanse my Liver?

Years of stress, alcohol, caffeine, heavy and processed foods, medications, lack of exercise and water place a huge burden on your liver. We also get blindsided and forget what good healthy habits are. Detox is also ideal for people who want to overcome addictions. Cleansing will provide your liver with the opportunity to release any toxins and improve its function immensely.

Top Liver Health Tips

  1. Start the day with a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of lemon juice/organic apple cider vinegar
  2. Drink lots of water & herbal tea
  3. Eat lots fresh food, greens & vegies
  4. Avoid processed foods
  5. Enjoy natural fat foods – eggs, avocados, seeds, nuts & fish, ghee, coconut oil
  6. Top Liver Foods – Fish, Brazil Nuts, Broccoli, Globe Artichoke, Garlic, Green Tea, Celery, Carrots, Coriander, Radishes, Peppermint tea, oranges
  7. Reduce alcohol & caffeine: avoid them or enjoy occasionally in small amounts
  8. Go walking, sitting, swimming and being in Nature
  9. Meditate
  10. Book in with Ilana for acupuncture in Ivanhoe today

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are excellent to support your liver and personal detox. Tailored treatment with Ilana will ensure your body will be in balance and smoothly go through the detox process with ease and improve its effectiveness. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can support detoxification in many ways; by improving circulation and natural bodily metabolic processes, improving energy, improving blood circulation, supporting digestion so that toxins are effectively eliminated and you can feel fully supported and trusted with the right detox for your body and needs.

At Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, you can ensure that you will have the best tailored and holistic consultation for detoxification with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Holistic health coaching can also support you if you have mindset blockages and is also be provided here at Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne in Ivanhoe. Contact Ilana on 0466 866 450 or send her an email at to find out more.

Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, @Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs

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