Blood Deficiency & Fertility – What You Need To Be Eating

Why And How Do I Tonify My Blood?

Blood as a pure bodily substance is imperative for your fertility, it is nourishing and moistening. When our blood is healthy, our period comes smoothly, with little clotting, is fresh red in colour and of substantial flow. Blood is a condensed form of qi (energy), and your body’s qi leads it to circulate effectively. You need good, healthy digestion to be able to break down the food to then transform it to blood. The foods below are beneficial for your blood. It can take months to improve your blood with acupuncture, herbs and diet, and it will be well worth it for you and your baby.

Healthy blood nourishes your skin, nails, muscles, tendons & hair. It keeps our memory and responses sharp. We feel centred and grounded with our emotions and feelings.

What Makes My Blood Deficient?

  • Poor Dietary Choices and Irregular Eating Habits
  • Worry, Anxiety & Overthinking
  • Excessive Work
  • Withholding Communication & Emotions
  • Excessive Medication, Alcohol & Substance Abuse

How Do I Know I Am Blood Deficient?

  • Pale lips, face, tongue, dry facial skin and body skin, hair falling out, floaters in eyes, body aches, numbness and weak tendons that are easily injured.
  • Dizziness, poor memory, difficulty focusing, depression, anxiety, difficulty relaxing, easily stressed, difficulty falling and/or staying asleep, a feeling of floating and disembodiment.
  • Lack of strength, upper body tension, really heavy periods or light periods, headaches or migraines.
  • These symptoms will range in intensity and frequency. You also do not need all of these symptoms in order to have some degree of Blood deficiency.

Foods That Build Your Blood

  • Grains – Barley, corn, oats, rice, sweet rice, red quinoa
  • Vegetables – Alfalfa Sprouts, artichokes, beetroot, button mushrooms, cabbage, celery, dandelion leaves, dark leafy greens, kelp, shiitake mushroom, spinach, watercress & wheatgrass
  • Fruits – Apple, apricot, avocado, date, fig, grape, longan, mulberry, cherry, raspberries, goji berries & Chinese red date
  • Beans – Adzuki, black soya, kidney, blackbeans
  • Nuts & Seeds – Almonds, black sesame & chia
  • Fish – Mussel, octopus, oyster, sardine, tuna, salmon & ocean trout
  • Meat – All red meat especially bone marrow & liver (choose organic)
  • Dairy – Eggs
  • Herbs/Spices – Nettle, angelica, rehmannia, withania & parsley
  • Condiments – Amasake & Molasses
  • Supplements – Algae, spirulina, Floridax (Iron), B12, Folica Acid, Vitamin C & bee pollen

Eat Warm & Nourishingly

  • Support your digestive system with lightly cooked and warm foods and add some spices to aid digestion such as ginger, cumin, fennel and cardamom.
  • Avoid eating food cold straight out of the fridge or drinking cold water or icy drinks. Warm water and room temperature are the way to go.

Liver Blood Foods (Very Important For Fertility)

  • Naturally dark red, green & black foods are often beneficial for the liver blood
  • Artichoke, beetroot, dandelion leaf, kelp, avocado, date, mulberry, dark grape, black sesame, oyster, beef, liver, nettle & molasses.

Meal Ideas

Porridge, well-cooked grains, leafy green salads, sprinkling almonds & black sesame seeds on meals, stews, in summer freshly-squeezed juice with beetroot, spinach & carrot, meat dishes to omelettes.

 Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, @Ivanhoe

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