Best Natural Products Mother & Baby Care 2015

Are you having a baby or do you have a newborn? Are you wondering what are the essentials for you both? Here are a few of my favourite things! There are some very fantastic aids out there to help you and your baby to be healthy and happy… naturally!

With my new addition Chiara I have found the following 5 products to be wonderful:

  1. Hug-a-bub is the Byron Bay inspired baby wrap carrier. It is tricky to learn but once you get the hang of it is fantastic. So far the best carrier I have used for baby from 0-4 months. They come in a gorgeous range of colours and I still use the one I had for my son 6 years ago. A timeless, natural classic! Best thing about it is you are also hands-free and great for baby to strengthen their neck muscles and digestion. Lying down all the time can cause wind, strapping baby comfortable close to you can warm their tum and help them digest well. Always follow instructions on how to use this and do it safely and properly.
  2. Nappy Rash be gone! With Weleda Calendula Nappy Rash Cream. It contains zinc and calendula (yellow flowers clear heat and inflammation!) and is reasonably priced too. A natural nappy rash cream that actually works. One of these creams sells every 10 seconds. Thank you Weleda!
  3. Cushie Tushies Reusable Wipes – the Royal Melbourne Childrens’ Hospital recommends using warm water to clean and wipe your baby’s bottom as much as possible to prevent nappy rash. I use Naty Eco wipes for number 2s then followed by a cushie tushie wipe or when we’re out and about.
  4. Homeopathic arnica remedy 30c – Homeopathy is a wonderful medicine. The Royal Family have their own in-house homeopath would you believe? The other day I banged my shin so badly I was in excruciating pain! I took a couple of doses of arnica and the next day all the swelling and inflammation was gone and I was left with minor bruising and a scratch. Incredible! A great remedy to have on hand for children constantly bumping and injuring themselves. Homeopathy is a very safe and gentle medicine for adults, children and babies.
  5. Organic garlic & honey – this is the natural, hardcore and rather stinky antibiotic of nature (Pepe Le Pew style!). We have had the coldest winter in Melbourne in 30 years! I have gotten sick twice this winter, and taking 1 teaspoon of dark, organic honey with a clove of finely chopped garlic really clears the green/yellow phlegm and other nasties out of the body. Great for baby too as it goes through the breastmilk. Healthy mummy means healthy baby. Take this three times a day until symptoms improve. Remember if it does not improve or get work see your GP/trusted and registered health practitioner. Never give babies under 12 months honey.

xx Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, @Ivanhoe

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