Positive change and new year’s resolutions… you can do it!


A new year, a new beginning. Have you set any resolutions, affirmations or noticed how quickly January is flying by? With the balmy summer finally arriving in Melbourne, we can really feel like a New Year has begun. It inspires us to try our best again and live life to the fullest. Some positive goals you may want to manifest into your new year may include:

  • exercising
  • eating good food
  • being kind to yourself
  • having a baby
  • being more in touch with your emotions
  • going to bed early – I confess this is one of mine!
  • starting a course to bring you closer to that career you dream of
  • spending more time with family and loved ones

Whatever it is you fancy for this wonderful year ahead, set yourself achievable and realistic goals and remember that if you fail at times, it’s okay! Like I always tell my patients the most important thing is that you are progressively improving even if is by baby steps. As long as we are not regressing we can proudly pat ourselves on the back. Always remember where you have come from, we are so quick to judge ourselves in the now and compare to others, when if we could only acknowledge how well we have done to get out of that challengingly unique situation we have faced for so long.

This Chinese New Year, we see the yin fire Rooster gracing our presence. For all you people having babies, children born this year are natural-born academic stars. According to Chinese Astrology for us Roosters, there is a penalty combination that can manifest as issues with lung and skin. More reason for us to look after ourselves, get to bed early and conserve yin (because fire can destroy yin) and avoid spicy and heating foods. The yin fire branch represents the heart energy and cultivating self, thus being true to your heart is a self-development theme for 2017.

May you face this new year with peace, prosperity and all the joy and success you dream of for all aspects of your life, after all, you truly deserve it!

xx Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, @Ivanhoe

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