Top fertility food: uovo sbatutto the jing tonic

Recently I mentioned the benefits of eggs for fertility, especially while you are getting your acupuncture to optimise the benefits of your treatments. My nonna (Italian grandmother) swears by this dish for breakfast to restore and rejuvenate your health if you have been sick or exhausted.

Uovo sbatutto translates in Italian to ‘beaten egg’ in English. It certainly is an acquired taste, like most weird healthy food does but I must say it is quick, easy, and satusfying to eat and prepare!


one raw, fresh organic egg

a dash of maple syrup/honey

a dash of whiskey or Marsala

Method: Place whole egg maple syrup and whiskey in bowl. Beat for 2-3 minutes until it is a thick foamy consistency. Eat from bowl in the sunshine or place in a fancy glass and enjoy!


You can mix up what you add to your uovo sbattuto, a pinch of cinnamon or turmeric, a dash of coffee or some organic milk. I added freshly grated ginger to mine today because I felt a bit phlegmy.

What is it good for?

So many things, it’s great for teeth and bones, essential fats to build sex hormones, it’s nourishing for women who are pregnant (just make sure your eggs are super fresh and clean), breastfeeding and kids too. It is a jing tonic, given the Chinese consider pure egg as pure essence, pure substance that is very nourishing like other eggs and seeds found in nature are good for our gametes (eggs and sperm).

So give it a try, it is like a frothy mousse with a slight sweet flavour. A traditional Italian breakfast that deserves some appreciation. Buon appetito!








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