Black ginger tea: for phlegm & cough

Yesterday I had a terribly phlegmy cough and during a busy day in clinic was struggling to get my words out. A patient kindly reminded me of an Ayurvedic home remedy for cough: black ginger tea.

Black tea is beneficial for the body as it has phytochemicals and poly phenols. It also contains small amounts of caffeine which stimulate our organs mildly. Tea can prevent cancer and contains antioxidants, and is so calming after a busy day.

As a herb, fresh ginger or sheng jiang in Chinese is key to wellbeing. Ginger warms the stomach and spleen channels, is warming, pungent and can resolve phlegm. Dry ginger is better for very cold and profuse phlegm.

This tea is suitable for taking at the beginning signs of phlegm and cough, particularly clear or white phlegm. Overuse of antibiotics can make phlegm worse, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are a natural alternative form of medicine to help your body resolve phlegm and cough. Excessive antibiotic use can lead to health problems such as diarrhoea, eczema, poor immunity and creating bacterial superbugs.


Here is a recipe for this tea for you if you feel like a zingy pick me up!

Black Ginger Tea Recipe

serves 1

Place 1 black tea bag in 2 cups of filtered water in a pot on the stove. Add grated ginger (2x4cm piece) and bring to the boil slowly. Simmer for five mins.

Strain some of the tea into your favourite tea cup and enjoy, best drunk while relatively hot so the ginger can enter the body quickly.

It’s better to enjoy black tea in the morning as if consumed too late at night it can affect sleep, tea is not recommended in the first triemester of pregnancy either. For kids omit the black tea, add a slice of lemon and a little organic honey (also suitable for pregnancy).

Thanks to my beautiful patient for your kind suggestion ❤️

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