Blogging in the Melbourne rain: acupuncture for positive mindset

It was supposed to be hot and sunny today, however we in Melbourne were greeted with humid air and rain! So easy to get yourself down if you were planning a glorious day outdoors!

Remember though that rain brings clean air as it washes away the pollution and stagnant energy that builds up in this eclectic city we call home!

Looking at the things differently and trying to see the positive that occurs when we receive what we perceive as bad news can change our attitude and life for the better. Hence, why the rain reminded me of this today because people strangely often complain about it when it is essentially vital to our life! No rain, no plants, no food, no clean air nor water.


If you have been trying to change your mindset and find it difficult to do so, acupuncture can be highly beneficial. Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into certain points on the body and is very relaxing and grounding. I also offer coaching services and I find that patients who are ready and willing to make changes reap the benefits in their physical and emotional health when combined with acupuncture. If you tend to stress, worry, become anxious or feel so down that you can’t get motivated, this combined therapy of acupuncture and coaching I offer on North Shore Auckland could just be for you.

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