Keeping cool in the Melbourne heatwave with Chinese medicine

Hot. Boiling. Overwhelmed.

It’s 37 degrees today, humid and clear. Before you go to sit on your back porch with a cold beer or vino perhaps I can impart some useful knowledge of taking care of yourself in the stifling heat?

Just because it is super hot doesn’t mean you can start chugging down glasses of iced water and hibernate in freezing cold air conditioning. Why? Because it still impairs your yang energy which keeps your body young and healthy. Doing this not only cools your body but can make it internally cold, hence cause health problems in the long term.


Here are some tips for keeping cool and healthy in the hot weather:

enjoy cooling foods like melons, tropical fruits and summer vegetables: cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini.

herbal teas such as mint, chamomile and chrysanthemum are cooling and moistening and can be drunk hot especially if you are in air-con at work.

let your body get some sun and vitamin D even if it’s just for fifteen minutes, vitamin D is essential for good health and most Melbournians are deficient!

drink lots of filtered water at room temperature

if it is boiling in your house, jump into a freezing cold shower for 1-2 minutes, exasperating but invigorating it will wake you up!

Avoid very heating, fried, spicy food and overeating. Drinks like coffee are best drunk in cool weather, it will overheat you further.

rest, as you know the heat can be exhausting so make sure you take it easy, a siesta when you get home can be nice!

Enjoy the sun and glorious weather, and if you fancy a really cold drink, sip it slowly and make sure you drink it out in the hot weather as you naturally would.

Now time for that cold treasured cold beverage…

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs


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