How to relax at night 😴

If you are like me you are probably on your smart phone right now! It’s time to drift off and avoiding technology and screens can help us relax and wind down to get sleepy. Make sure the lights are low, I even find turning the wifi off relaxin just knowing that there is still in the house.

Have a cup of chamomile tea, play your favourite meditation and jump in some comfortable pyjamas.

Going to bed is such a wonderful thing, especially when your bed is made, the room is tidy and there is little clutter to distract you nor to remind you of all the things that need doing the next day!

Thinking about your favourite part of the day and what you are truly grateful for is a special ritual to set your slumber on a sweet note.

That glorious sunshine, the blossoming red rose you walked by, that lovely person who stopped to say hello and smile at you… All these small things make the world a beautiful place and us so grateful and happy to be alive.

Melbourne is a busy city, and we can live crazy lives, but we all deserve some downtime ritual in the evening for a good sleep. Louise Hay even recommends to thank your refrigerator and even your favourite piece of furniture! Mine is definitely my bed.

Thank you bed, I ❤️ you.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs


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