Sex, connection and fertility

With so many struggling with fertility we can delve back to the roots and origins of this. How did something as connecting, loving and fun like having sex with your partner ever get so difficult, especially when trying to conceive?


Firstly there is the relationship to consider, if there are unresolved issues or emotional challenges this will affect how you connect and down the track your sex life.

Stress- yes we are all very work, achievement and left-brain focussed these days. Being so preoccupied on what we must to do be the best in work can affect how much time and energy you have for yourself, your libido and partner.

There can be mismatched libidos, this is very common where one person has a high libido and the other a low. Low libido can be due to substance abuse, stress, nutritional deficiencies and of course how we grew up learning and thinking about sex. Some people may shy away from sex because they have been taught that is bad or shameful.

Having a strong, healthy libido is a sign of good health and fertility. This is where acupuncture and Chinese medicine come in. They are excellent at tonifying the yang or warming energy which provides the kidney with ability to procreate. Often I use moxibustion to warm the yang, and cups to expel the cold with warming herbs such as Rou Gui- cinnamon bark.

If your fertility is affected by being able to have sex, look into how and why this might be, and what will be the best way possible to rectify it.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, northern suburbs

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