Are air-con & fans bad for you?

imageFinally the summer, I mean the real Melbourne summer has hit us! With this everyone has responded with blasting out cool air from every air-conditioning and fan unit possible and me telling them to turn it off!

Funnily enough, like being served endless iced water in a fancy restaurant, have you ever wondered if these practices of icing the body are good for you?

Like I continually advise, good health is connected to your body’s source and yang Qi, the beautiful fire and metabolism that keeps it alive and young. When we douce this fire with ice and cold, it can make it flare and go in the wrong places (hot flushes, nightsweats, extreme heat and dryness) or to the point of cooling it down so baldly that weakly burns and gives signs such as cold lower back, feet, sluggishness and diarrhoea.

Full blast air con and fans are not good for your health. Of course it is important to use them in moderation especially if you are struggling in the heat but to have a constant breeze of icy air blowing on you is not good for your mingmen (yang source fire) or your immunity or circulation.

Having studied science at Melbourne uni, it makes sense to me that the constant cooling of a particular area such as the neck will mean that less blood and lymph (thus white blood cells which fight pathogens) is brought to the area as we know heat does the opposite. Long-term this means that any bugs in your throat will not be met by enough of your white blood cell army, causing recurrent sore throat or immunity.

It’s good to be out in a bit of heat if your body is strong and can handle it, nothing like a little sweat and heat pushing toxins out of the body and getting the circulatory system working.

Embrace summer, the sun and the vitamin D it brings us… Winter will cool you down!

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs

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