Celebrating 6 months of success: thanks to you! πŸ’—

To all my wonderful patients, friends, family and everyone who has supported my home clinic in the past six months.

Sending you a gracious πŸ’“ bomb to sincerely thank you for all the support to be able to transition from big mumma clinic at Fertile Ground to very quiet, intimate and independent space in Ivanhoe.


It’s been a great experience, from commuting to East Melbourne to stepping through the front part of my house into my clinic office. This means I don’t walk as much however it certainly is convenient.

Thank you to all my beautiful patients for making the consistent effort to continue your treatment with me from all over Melbourne, some as far as Mentone, DerrimutΒ (bless you) & beyond.

Thank you Andrew and all my family have been very supportive with looking after the kids.

Thank you gorgeous patients for being ΓΌber patient despite the pitter patter of small feet and the random bang and clunk that we gracefully speak over. I trust you have enjoyed being greeted by them and their occasional administration of alcohol swabs and moxa stick waving.

Thank you to my patients, family, friends, community at Ivanhoe Primary School and Ngaio and Kevin at House of Fertility & Healing in Sydney for all your referrals!

I am really loving my practice at the moment, it is an honour to look after you all and watch you grow and blossom in good health. I will always endeavour to provide you with the best professional service and treatment possible, while walking my talk.

Lots of love,

Ilana Sowter πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


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