2018 Chinese New Year Forecast Year of the Dog

Astrology is a powerful tool, and the Chinese have been using it for ages to suss out fortune, health, love matches and planning for the year ahead. The thing I love about Chinese Astrology is that when you have your chart interpreted correctly it allows you to understand most importantly yourself and the things that happen in your life. I believe that understanding these things allows us to be the best version of ourselves, love and accept ourselves for who we are how we are and most importantly plan for the future to your own personal advantage. As Chinese New Year approaches this February 16th, aka the Lunar New Year or Spring Festival. Below is a general forecast on the year ahead by Samuel Dudgeon, Astrology expert in Warrandyte. Enjoy delving into the intricacies of what 2018 holds.

2018 Year of the Dog

This year constitutes the heavenly stem of Yang Earth and the Earthly Branch of the Dog. This will be a strong Earth year for the Chinese astrological new year. The settled stability of the Earth element has come into fruition. The previous two years have been governed by the Fire and Metal elements creating a tension between the elements as one conquers another.
Earth element is governed by the planet Saturn. Saturn corresponds to the centre and rules late summer by the five element cycle. Earth represents the colour yellow and I postulate the planet Saturn was what the Chinese call the ‘Yellow Emperor’.
Generally the Earth represents stability, practicality and reliability. Because Earth rules the Centre it is stationary and represents immovable things such as property, land and the physical body.

If this is in your Four Pillars chart you will need to tread with great caution this year as Penalty Combination are nebulous and can indicate hidden disease. My chart analysis of Bruce Dickinson; lead singer in Iron Maiden who had this Penalty Combination arise through his Luck Pillars manifested cancer thought this. His Earth element was favourable and interestingly he was clear of the cancer after medical treatment.

The Earth element in Chinese metaphysics represents the oxidative process in the body. Penalty Combinations of Earth elements deoxygenate the body residing in hidden toxicity that eventually manifests within the physical body. If this Combination resides in your Four Pillars chart it is wise to do Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga or Martial Art exercises to help oxygenate the body.


The Dog is also considered the Grave of Fire which means the fire will be weak for the upcoming year and people with charts that lack fire will need to watch the heart and blood circulation this year. Thus is an excellent time to visit your healthcare practitioner to do checkups if these aspects show up within your Chinese astrological chart.

Want to know more?

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Happy new year,
Samuel Dudgeon
M.AppSc.(Chinese Herbal Medicine), B.Hlth Sc.(Acupuncture)