The Origins of Easter & Superfood Egg Recipe

Hopefully you aren’t bursting at the seams of your denim jeans as you ponder about all the chocolate and gluttony that has passed in the last twenty-four hours. Easter represents the springtime festivals, celebrating resurrected life and the generative powers on nature, although here in the Southern Hemisphere we are really waning with Autumn’s energy.  Eastre was the goddess of life, Queen of heaven and the name coined by the old Teutons and Saxons.


Easter was originally an ancient pagan festival in April, that was dedicated to deity and feast to rejoice in her honour. This is all according to Clifford Howard who wrote Sex Worship: An Exposition on The Origins of Religion, it was customary to gift eggs that were brightly decorated or coloured. The egg represented the sacred emblem of the resurrection of life and was thus used as offering to the goddess on this occasion. The baking of cakes, buns and eggs have featured for thousands of years, were formed in the shape of reproductive organs. After all, Spring is a time of sowing ones seed, renewed life and Spring equinox.


Almost a year ago, Emma Morano of Verbania, Italy died at the ripe old age of 117 years.

What was the secret to her longevity as a super centenarian?

Well it certainly wasn’t Weetbix, puffed cereal or the other standard things we tend to breakfast here in NZ. It was three chicken eggs per day! Two raw, and one fried. Hopefully in grass-fed butter, ghee or coconut oil for all those good fats.

Raw eggs contain a nutrient power-house, and in Chinese medicine are considered a jing tonic, which means they nourish the body deeply for long-lasting health, energy and fertility. After all being fertile is being youthful. Eating a raw egg a day can assist the body to eliminate stored toxins and keeps the vital enzymes and nutrients intact.


My Italian nonna (granny) told me that I must eat a raw egg a day to strengthen my immunity, and she was right. It really made all the difference and it is a super quick and very nourishing way to start the day.

My Italian cousin Lisa who visited me last year looked at me peculiarly when I was making it and said women only eat that when they want to get pregnant!

Traditionally, British women always ate raw eggs during pregnancy as it was an economical and essential way to get all your goodies in. Nowadays, women sadly avoid it like the plague.


In the South of Italy, beaten egg or as they exotically call it Ouvo Sbattuto, is the staple breakfast for the young to the old. Traditionally it is made with a dash of marsala (alcohol), which I believe is to kill any bacteria that could exist in the egg and not to become inebriated.

As a principle, invest in the best and freshest eggs you can find. Click here to get this recipe and please take the plunge and try it, it will change your life!

Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food – Hippocrates.

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