Feminine Symbolism Vesica Pisces

Have you heard of the Vesica Pisces? Probably not, but it is an ancient symbol that you will have seen many times in the world.

A worldly symbol of the great mother, Vesica Pisces is Latin for “vessel of the fish”. It has holy significance and is one of the most ancient and original symbols around.


Ancient religions used the single sphere to represent a supreme being without beginning or end that is flawlessly symmetrical. So when you place it with another to create the Vesica Pisces, it symbolises the two facets of creation, god and goddess.

Where the two spheres join, the overlap is even, balanced. It is the shape shaded in purple below.

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Vesica Pisces: Divine Connection, God & Goddess

It represented Venus, the Roman goddess whose functions encompassed love, beauty, desire, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory.

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It also represents the female genitalia and you can see it resembles the vaginal orifice, the sacred portal through which divinity emanates into the material world. In medieval art, the Christ child and Virgin Mary are often presented inside this shape, called a mandorla in Italian, which means almond.

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This is where you have most likely seen this revered shape, in Gothic cathedrals and churches, it was encompassed to symbolise the doorway between the material and spiritual worlds.

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There are many tales and traditions regarding the Vesica Pisces, and how it is represented in many cultures such as by goddess Kwanyin of China, Venus of ancient Rome, the yonic goddess of the Hindus and so on.

There is a strong connection with the shape of it representing a fish, from the Celts believing the eating fish would make the womb of a woman stronger to Mary who was associated with the virgin Marina (relates to ocean in Latin) who brought forth all the fish of the sea.

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Then we remember that Vesica Pisces means fish, and so early Christians adopted the motif in the form of icthus or “Jesus fish” indicating Jesus of Nazarath as the Vesica Pisces himself. He is the portal between man and God, heaven and earth. In biblical terms, Jesus son of Mary originally came from the term son of Fish Mother.

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Unity within Duality

Ultimately, the vesica pisces represents unity within duality. Dr Demartini uses it to show how people can link their seemingly diverse values together. The third shape has been created by the joining of the two spheres. Just how to wonderful people together can be more powerful than alone.

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