Pink Full Moon In Scorpio: Be Emotionally Vulnerable

Did you see the moon last night with its heavenly pink aura?

It was absolutely beautiful and my whole household was awake no one could sleep due to its beaming light and presence!

I love Full Moon, often I get a little emotional before hand or during but at it’s peak (It’s waxing at 99.9% right now), I feel this wonderful surge of energy even though I am awake and stimulated by it.


When is Full Moon Exactly?

Full Moon is today at 12:58pm Auckland (NZET), and 10:58am AEST.

What does Full Moon in Scorpio Represent?

This Full Moon is in Scorpio but opposing the sun in Taurus, thus presents us with a complementary connection. It can be see as the fertile polarity of water (scorpio) and earth (Taurus) providing the opportunity to soften and create a harmonious pathway between our values and emotions. This moon can bring forward a nurturing or rocky effect on your relationships in summary.

Unresolved issues can intensify as we approach full moon, forcing them to be revealed and dealt with. The powerful energy of the full moon allows us to bring our deep emotions to the surface and release them. With the moon being in Scorpio this month, its fixed water energy keeps emotions deep and with it reigning right now it is a great opportunity for you to release your inner burden.


Why is it called a Pink Moon?

In the Northern Hemisphere, April’s Full Moon is know as the Pink Moon according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. The name comes from the pink flowers that bloom in the early spring known as ground phlox.

The Māoris had a different tradition here in New Zealand for their April moons, given April is in autumn, the opposing season of spring. They called the April Full Moon “Pāenga-whāwhā” indicating the time when, “all straw is now stacked at the borders of the plantations”. This name also signifies the eleventh lunar month of the Māori calander, and represents Pegasus, the mythical winged stallion.

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