Pain One Minute Gone The Next

So much pain these days, my dear nonna is a prime candidate for complaining about the “aches of old age” and how bad they are. But we all get pain, in fact pain is how our body communicates to us.

I link it to the adage, “First you feel a feather, then a brick and finally if you don’t listen to your body, the bus comes!”.

But why do we get pain?

Pain is the body communicating to us about a particular part of us and sometimes it can have underlying emotional premise. 

“Take a panadol”

So many people say. Don’t suffer with the pain, it’s horrible just take something. Get a quick fix.

In this society we avoid pain like a plague. As human beings we can trick ourselves into thinking to avoid pain, or even make up fancy stories to validate our actions and reasons which we truly know are wrong.

Taking pills and quick fixes for pain stop the pain… temporarily until it returns to rear it’s ugly head once more in revenge!

Ultimately, taking a pill mindlessly to avoid pain without consideration is telling your body to shut up.

Yes, it’s true. If you do not stop to consider the pain, reason why and where you have it and what your body is telling us, then you are abusing and ignoring yourself. Which is sad way to live life.

Pain pills Analgesia
Taking a pill is effectively a tiny bullet with a message inside telling your body to “shut up”

“Please just do anything to stop that pain!”, the person shouts without considering themselves, taking any responsibility or considering why the pain has occurred in the first place.

Initially relief is established through pills, but now as I see in my practice… People are becoming immune to painkillers.

A woman walks in with her eyes tightly shut crippled over barely able to walk. Her pain is period pain, specifically endometriosis. She is in excruciating pain because no painkiller will work on her anymore. A metaphysical representation of this pain according to Louise Hay is a sense on insecurity, disappointment and frustration. It can also be disliking the self, the feminine side and hating menstruating.

Acupuncture can be excellent for acute, chronic and excruciating pain. I have observed the administration of acupuncture needles instantly ease a person into relaxation and shock as they search to feel for the pain and realise it is gone.

Problems with Painkillers

Painkillers have their time and place, but if we are taking them all the time they can injure the stomach and the liver, creating more pain and suffering in the long run and most importantly will not treat the true cause of the pain.

Pain Options

There are many options regarding treating pain. There are painkillers, heat packs, rest or some people even drink a small glass of whiskey! Ultimately you need to decide on what you want to do.

Do you just want to alleviate the pain? Acupuncture is very good for pain and it does not have serious side effects unlike many medications. Herbs can also be good too depending on the pain.

The other option is finding out where the pain is coming from and why. Some people can have emotional past pain from childhood or trauma, or you may have something more serious that needs to be investigated by your GP.

Sit down when the pain occurs, close your eyes, somewhere quiet and ask yourself, what is it you need? What is it that you aren’t happy with? What can I do for you? And see what comes up…

Either way you choose how and why you live with your pain and how it affects your life.

I always find pain to be such an interesting subject especially when you delve deeply into the patient’s life and history. There is often cause and effect it is very rare to just have something happen to you at random and unluckily.

Another patient I recently saw mentioned that she was riddled with pain and upon asking her about whether she was happy in her life she confessed that she was very depressed and sad, she was not living for herself, just for her son and granddaughter who was “her princess”. Then it makes sense that if you cannot be happy in yourself for yourself how then can you feel good in your body?

Think about disease. Disease is not just sickness, it is dis-ease. It is feeling unease in the body and not being happy about this.

What is the meaning and origin of disease? It dates back to the fourteenth century for “discomfort and inconvenience”, Well sounds like what we experience now in our busy modern lives! Would you believe that the word disease originates from the old French word desaise which signifies:







Wow, well disease really isn’t that different today than it was five hundred years ago!

Being healthy is not just the absence of sickness, it is the feeling well, vital and living with purpose for yourself and for those that you love and care about.

Do what you love and love what you do. Think. What is it that really makes you happy? What is it that you need to change in your life. You know what it is. Get started and start living because you love life. Stop living because you are scared of fear. Feel the fear but don’t let it stop you! It’s your life and live it well for you and what you love about it.

Hands butterflies freedom
“Feel the fear but don’t let it stop you” Dr Demartini

Are you wondering how you can learn how to break through these barriers and truly live your life to the fullest? Well, you can!

A holistic coaching consultation for you aims to break through beliefs and barriers that are psychologically holding you back from being your best and living your life in your fullest potential.

And yes, if you don’t really want to know where the pain comes from, then I can help you with that with a good acupuncture treatment.

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