Full Moon In Capricorn

At 2:53pm AEST today (Thursday, June 28 2018) the full moon will appear in the sign of Capricorn.

At present the moon is at 99.9% waxing gibbous.

Are you feeling it?

I am feeling this one… it’s emotionally heavy! In the lead up to the full moon we can be sensitive to the moon’s energy.

This full moon aligns when the Cancer sun opposes the moon in Capricorn. It relates to emotional upheaval of romance, fertilisation and relationships.

How? Do you ask?

Moon’s Effect on Tidal Pull

It is the moon and the sun which are responsible for the daily rising and falling of the ocean tides. For example, at supermoon in January 2018, there were unusually higher tides than normal.

sea nature sky sunset
The moon and sun have profound impact on the ocean’s tides

Signs of Being Affected By the Full Moon

Insomnia Prior to the Full Moon

Sometimes when I have a terrible night’s sleep, as I lay wide-eyed in bed I will get up and as I walk past one of the windows I can see the luminous, lunar light bathing in and I will  gaze up only to find that glorious moon fully encompassed shining above me. Oh! Then I don’t feel so bad about not sleeping, because I feel like there is good reason for me to be awake and connected to the moon.

Extra Energy or Restlessness Prior to Full Moon

As the moon’s energy waxes and grows in this cycle, we can feel extra motivated, energised and even restless! Some people will plan their productivity around the lunar cycle and even the menstrual cycle (using the moon or your own hormones to support you at your best). This article deciphers whether you are moon sensitive.

What Is Going On For You This Full Moon

The Cancer-Capricorn relationship entail a real feminine-masculine opposition representing the balance between private life, nurturance and the home (Cancer) against the public persona, work, reputation and accountability (Capricorn).

Cancer governs attachment and love.

Capricorn overseas achievements, rewards and punishments.

This may bring conflicting issues to the surface, decisions where we have felt quite certain of may become unclear and doubtful. The aim is to strike reasonable balance between both energies.

Can you honour both?

If you are feeling very emotional at present, it’s best to get those feeling out, feel them and honour them as confronting or painful as they may be.

Given this Capricorn-Cancer Full Moon aligns with Saturn and trines (at an aspect of 120 degrees) Uranus, this can suggest somewhat sombre realisations that will be difficult to make work for us.

There may be a tough decision or choice, reality check, or we may feel some pressure to make changes.

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