Chinese Medicine & Fertility

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a holistic health system founded in China thousands of years ago. It is renowned as a natural medicine given its long history in efficacy and that its evolution as a health system is entire and holistic.

How Chinese Medicine Treats Fertility

It treats both the interior and exterior of the person by encompassing diet, tui na (massage), acupuncture, gua sha, moxa, cupping, herbal medicine, qi exercise and much more. It is excellent for treating disorders that orthodox medicine cannot help, namely unexplained infertility. Since 200AD, herbs were documented to being used to treat infertility and miscarriage in China as found on ancient oracle bones.

The traditional Chinese cultural emphasis on continuing the family line meant that infertility was a specialty of significance within the clinical practice of Chinese medicine. The study of fertility is also appears in ancient classics such as the Yi Jing, Huang di Nei Jing and Jin Gui Yao Lue.

In the clinic, I have seen why TCM works so well for infertility.

Women who have extreme PMS, pain during the period and irritability find that within one to three cycles that these symptoms have much improved. Women with very light and scanty periods begin to have substantial and proper bleeding. Women with cold hands and fingers start to get their circulation going again. The health of their reproductive system along with general wellbeing improves with treatment.

What Methods Improve Fertility?

With lifestyle & dietary changes, herbal medicine, acupuncture and other tools dependent on what you need. We work to support your natural fertility.

According to the study of TCM, all the signs and symptoms we present with tell us that a particular organ is out of balance.

When we strengthen the body and treat the organ, the body can go back into balance and function at peak once again.

Should I take herbs to help my fertility?

Yes. Herbs are vital to improve your fertility.

Often with infertility there is a deficiency of blood or qi (energy) that is creating this. For example, ones fertility declines with age. As we get older we have less qi and blood. Taking herbs replenish the qi and blood lost over time and can nourish your body to do this job well once again.

Often people who seek TCM for fertility find that their skin glows after months of treatment, their hair is shiny, and they feel well and better than they have in a long time.

If you have been trying for some time or would like to prepare your body for a healthy conception, I highly recommend Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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