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Acupuncture is renowned for improving fertility.

If you are ready to have a baby, now is the time to start preparing your mind, body and soul.

Did you know that your diet and lifestyle in the six months prior to conception affects your child’s teeth?

If you have been trying to conceive for sometime, do something about it. Not because you are getting old, but because it is your dream and priority to be a parent and share this wonderful world with your child.

Much research shows that acupuncture supports fertility, conception and increases live birth rates.

Mother and baby by the sea sunset
Is it your wish to have a vital and happy child?


“Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go always go walking around outside your body”. Elizabeth Stone

Initial Consultation

Health, diet, mindset and lifestyle factors are considered and assessed to discover what is truly impacting your health and fertility. Maybe you know what you issue is or what needs to change, buy you need support as have failed in the past. That is why you need the support to do this. Aspects considered include:


The mind leads the body. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are in every other aspect of your life it you lack self-confidence, love and belief, your health, fertility and life will be impacted. Ilana will always support you in this way because this the fundamental law of living well and successfully. It’s time to shine!


To have a good strong, healthy and reproductively fit body, that makes good blood and energy we need a supportive lifestyle. This is where coaching for women in high-pressure roles is key to learn how to manage their stress so they have time and energy to look after themselves and try to conceive. Others may need motivation to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in a cup
Herbal Medicine helps improve your blood and energy which is vital for conception


Exercise increases blood and lymphatic fluid flow to the pelvis to nourish the reproductive organs. Ilana can recommend various forms of exercise to support natural fertility.

Exercise improve fertility in women
Exercise is great for fertility


Most people have no idea of a truly nutritious diet. Restrictive diets, low-fat diets, and poor eating over the years can affect your fertility. Creating healthy eating habits and good food, is going to make you feel, look great and help you conceive. You are what you eat. A diet that supports fertility is different to most as it encourages the consumption of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to allow your body to function at it’s best.

Vegetables are full of antioxidants, fibre and minerals for optimum fertility


Unfortunately a lot of these addictions are ruining and running are lives rather than serving us. Everything you do now affects your sperm and eggs up to the next 120 days. Part of this journey involves letting go and enjoying balance for you and your body.


The frequency and qualify of your sex life is greatly affects your success of conceiving.


There are some basic supplements that are key for ensuring you are fertile. Ilana will check this with you as you have treatment with her.

Chinese herbs

In most fertility cases, herbs are paramount as they provide the body with qi and blood, and can have functional actions to treat signs and symptoms that affect your fertility such as late ovulation, luteal phase defect, scanty periods (affecting the uterine lining).

Chinese herbal flowers
Chinese Herbal Medicine uses roots, leaves, stems, twigs and flowers for fertility

Fertility foods

In Chinese medicine some foods are particularly special for improving fertility and include raw egg, seeds, nuts, berries, bone broth, liver, seaweed, oysters, fruits, vegetables and special fats such as butter as ghee (all preferably organic of course).

Berries for fertility
Berries are excellent for fertility: rich in antioxidants, tonify the yin and blood

Test results

Bring any relevant test, operation or scan results or reports to your appointment that you would like Ilana to analyse for you.

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Skype consultations available for international clients.

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