Celebrating 6 months of success: thanks to you! 💗

To all my wonderful patients, friends, family and everyone who has supported my home clinic in the past six months.

Sending you a gracious 💓 bomb to sincerely thank you for all the support to be able to transition from big mumma clinic at Fertile Ground to very quiet, intimate and independent space in Ivanhoe.


It’s been a great experience, from commuting to East Melbourne to stepping through the front part of my house into my clinic office. This means I don’t walk as much however it certainly is convenient.

Thank you to all my beautiful patients for making the consistent effort to continue your treatment with me from all over Melbourne, some as far as Mentone, Derrimut (bless you) & beyond.

Thank you Andrew and all my family have been very supportive with looking after the kids.

Thank you gorgeous patients for being über patient despite the pitter patter of small feet and the random bang and clunk that we gracefully speak over. I trust you have enjoyed being greeted by them and their occasional administration of alcohol swabs and moxa stick waving.

Thank you to my patients, family, friends, community at Ivanhoe Primary School and Ngaio and Kevin at House of Fertility & Healing in Sydney for all your referrals!

I am really loving my practice at the moment, it is an honour to look after you all and watch you grow and blossom in good health. I will always endeavour to provide you with the best professional service and treatment possible, while walking my talk.

Lots of love,

Ilana Sowter 💗💗💗


Pregenvy 😡😢💔

Pregenvy (def): strong emotional jealousy and desire to conceive which is aggravated by people falling pregnant around you at the drop of a hat.

This is what I reckon and coin the term as.

A strange thing occurs when you finally surrender to that maternal urge that you are ready to have a baby 👶, before you have even told anyone, perhaps not even your partner, your receive a text from your best friend with a 4D ultrasound picture of her 12 week old baby.

You walk out that door and then notice a lady with a massive bump waddling past you. After sometime talk of babies, trying to conceive, ovulation predictor kits, ovulation (egg) week and what seems like endless rounds of sex in the bedroom followed by the comedown of getting your period can all get a bit much.

When the trying to conceive fertility journey takes its time and thus its toll on you its time to check in and do some inner work. The reality is a lot of women (and men) face this challenge at some point in their lives. Why? Because in our society today we aren’t used to waiting for what we want anymore.

Get married? Organise wedding.

New career? Work, study and make it happen.

New car? Save up and buy it.

The baby does not work like this. Sometimes they come easily, take note that some people who tell you how they got pregnant so quickly will conveniently forget that it took six months of trying, endless testing and two rounds of clomid to achieve this.

Health on both sides, woman and man is essential. Just because your friend’s cousin got pregnant when she was drunk and lives off Macdonalds doesn’t mean health isn’t important nor that you child will be healthy being conceived this way. Parents who nurture their health three to six month days prior to conception can ensure their child will benefit from this, as research consistently shows.

Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cleansing and Chinese herbs are excellent for pre-conception health.

Having a good supportive team around you is vital, a supportive and loving partner, or friends or family if you are doing it on your own, a good GP, a great and experienced health practitioner (like me) and a clear, conscious self to follow intuition and make good decisions.

Then back to the pregenvy. Remember that the mind leads the body and is very powerful. Try to see the pregenvy in a different light. I believe pregenvy happens because we are so focused on the baby that we see it everywhere and compare ourselves to others.

Focus on yourself, loving yourself to the point that you are confident a new soul would love to live and grow within you.

Call your friend and congratulate her on her wonderful news, try your best to be excited for her because that will be you soon too.

Smile at the lady with the big bump walking down the street.

Enjoy all that intimacy as before you know it there will be sleepless nights and booby fests.

Be grateful you have a period, some women NEVER get one.

Trust in god and the universe, if you are meant to be a parent it will happen at the right time in the right way.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs




Wake up & smell the roses: to your purpose

It’s Wednesday morning and many of you may be thinking, bugger, another day at work and it’s only Wednesday!

Remember before all our complaints and dislikes comes the gratitude for the simple and essential things in life we take for granted. You’re alive! You have choices, you have purpose, you came here to do something and only you can take the risk to find out what it is. We are well off enough to have access to the Internet, a cup of coffee and a roof over our heads. All of these things are miracles that we bypass everyday.

When I coach my clients to awaken to the gratitude and find their life purpose we move out a lot of the crap that is plaguing their lives and blocking them from really flourishing as they are.


It’s an absolutely divine day today here in Melbourne, so reach over and smell those roses, think about what you have that is good in your life and what you are looking forward to in the future. Only good lies ahead! 🌹

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs

Self-priority: Carving out time for you

It’s the weekend! How many of us run around like headless chickens meeting friends, family, attending engagements, doing thing for others but not ourselves?


Astrolgically this the year of the Rooster and a recurrent theme is health this year. Some people will be more prone to health problems particularly the skin. This is your year to prioritise your self-love, happiness and wellbeing.

When we spread out energy too thinly in many places with too many people, it can lead to emptiness, loss of purpose and sadness. Why are we doing this and what is the point of catching up with people when you feel run down and exhausted?

Of course wellbeing includes socialising with our loved ones, but we don’t need to do it at the extent of exhausting ourselves into the ground, if someone really loves you they will want the best for you. We can also arrange social activities around well being like meeting at the beach, or a park or a healthy dinner party. One patient told me of a meditation group she started with some friends. Socialising doesn’t need to solely revolve around eating out and drinking alcohol.

Back to thyself, essentially we are here on this planet for ourselves. When we are happy, living our lives to their true authentic purpose then we can share this joy and abundance with those wonderful people in our lives. And who are those wonderful people? People that appreciate and love you for who you are. They will be ok when you say sorry I can’t catch up tonight because I’m knackered. It’s the ones who are high maintenance and demand the world from you that need questioning as friends.

Acupuncture is brilliant for helping you connect to your authentic self if you find it challenging to do the inner work. Don’t give up… You can do it!

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs

How to relax at night 😴

If you are like me you are probably on your smart phone right now! It’s time to drift off and avoiding technology and screens can help us relax and wind down to get sleepy. Make sure the lights are low, I even find turning the wifi off relaxin just knowing that there is still in the house.

Have a cup of chamomile tea, play your favourite meditation and jump in some comfortable pyjamas.

Going to bed is such a wonderful thing, especially when your bed is made, the room is tidy and there is little clutter to distract you nor to remind you of all the things that need doing the next day!

Thinking about your favourite part of the day and what you are truly grateful for is a special ritual to set your slumber on a sweet note.

That glorious sunshine, the blossoming red rose you walked by, that lovely person who stopped to say hello and smile at you… All these small things make the world a beautiful place and us so grateful and happy to be alive.

Melbourne is a busy city, and we can live crazy lives, but we all deserve some downtime ritual in the evening for a good sleep. Louise Hay even recommends to thank your refrigerator and even your favourite piece of furniture! Mine is definitely my bed.

Thank you bed, I ❤️ you.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs


Cultivating gratitude amongst the chaos

I woke up to the screeching noise of  metal scraping and banging something. It was midnight. I soon roused and realised this was directed at our beloved new car! A driver was high on drugs and through my front window proceeded to drive forth and back into the cars rear wheel.


The next day was a challenging one. Full of speaking to tow truck drivers, police, insurance people, car hire people… The list goes on. It was a busy day in clinic. Then dropping the in-laws off for a well meaning drink at the Maribyrnong boathouse ended up with being stuck in Melboune traffic for two hours 😁.

Usually I can see that the glass is half full, but this day was really testing me. In this challenging situations, we need to get back to the basics.

I am grateful I have a car  😊

I am grateful that everyone I love is safe and well ❤️

I am thankful that there are many people helping and looking after this situation to help me 😉

It’s a sunny day 🌼

I am alive! 😀

Days like this remind me that life is usually smooth and fine, and sometimes we are challenged ! ✨

I’m having some acupuncture today because for me, it always releases that tension and stuck energy that can get trapped in the body when it all seems too much, like rediscovering possibility.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs

Keeping faith & staying positive on the fertility journey with acupuncture

A woman will often reach a point in her life where she knows she wants a baby. Men get this too. For a woman to embrace this natural maternal urge in this day and age it is rather complicated. Many women I treat in my acupuncture practice have underlying fears and self-doubts on their personal ability to procreate. This is even before finding out if they have any medical issues.

IVF and assisted reproductive techniques are common practice today, and this has projected the belief that everyone is having trouble trying to conceive.

We have to believe there is hope, light and possibility out there in all the darkness that surrounds us.


The main concern women have is that if they don’t conceive asap, their fertility will rapidly decline and their egg quality will be too poor. The truth is there is no scientific test that can accurately determine the quality of a woman’s eggs. There is the assumption that as a woman ages, her egg quality declines which affects the rate of a healthy embryo fertilising and continuing.

This doesn’t explain how some of the women you know are 40+ and seem to be popping out healthy babies without trouble up until 44 years of age.

I bring this to the table because I truly think that what we believe creates our future. If we think we are old at 34, and our fertility is rapidly declining, it will. If we think that it is impossible for our body to physically carry the baby, we may find that we are fearful when we become pregnant and miscarriage.

Of course it is essential to have a good GP, and investigate fertility further if there are troubles along the way, and seeking the expertise of a good gynaecologist or fertility specialist if need be however we need to trust and believe in the miracle that our body is.

Your body is amazing and it will respond to positive change in emotions, thoughts, beliefs and physical care.

If we hurt our body by feeding it junk food and telling it that it is worthless, then we may find it difficult to become pregnant. Sometimes there can be underlying problems that we have not dealt with, such as our mother telling us that children will ruin our lives, or physical ones like PCOS or endometriosis which can be related to not connecting or loving the divine feminine that we are.

When I support my patients on their fertility journey, I try my best to navigate all areas that may be preventing them from conceiving, moving blockages and changing aspects for the better.

Acupuncture is widely used and accepted for fertility support. The Chinese have been using Chinese herbs for hundreds of years for fertility and pregnancy.

There is nothing more satisfying than to travel this arduous journey from pre-conception to post-partum and meet that wonderful baby that is so very worth it all.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs


Bringing good qi & health into the home with indoor plants

My friend Margi is a big fan of indoor plants, her house is full of clambering ivy and propagated succulents. Did you know that by having indoor plants in your home or office, air can be recycled and cleaned?

Propagating plants

I always encourage my acupuncture patients to explore some of the vast and fabulous parks that Melbourne has to offer. Getting out into green parks and nature is so good for you, and if you are too busy to get out… then bring the plants to you!

Your local nursery, (I recommend Bulleen Art & Garden or CERES in Brunswick) will have a range of indoor plants or you can propagate your own. Take a fresh, green cutting of ivy, geranium or a succulent and place it in a glass of water. Change the water daily and eventually you will notice roots emerge. Then it is ready to place in a pot with soil.

Benefits of indoor plants include improving immunity, plants can increase humidity in the air so that pathogens are less likely to survive. Bringing an indoor plant to a loved one who is ill or hospitalised can speed up recovery.  Green is a calming colour for the liver energy in Chinese medicine and would you believe that having plants around you at work can increase your productivity?!

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture, Melbourne


Beach benefits for fertility, pregnancy & beyond

I always recommend a beach visit for wellbeing to my patients. At all stages of life it is essential … from fertility, pregnancy, children to adults. The sea is rich in minerals and iodine! If you swim regularly in the sea you will notice your skin becomes firmer and blemish-free.


The combination of fresh air, salt water and sunshine which contains vitamin D (n.b. most Australians are vitamin D deficient!). So make sure some of your body is exposed to the sun without sun cream or coverage.

Just like a good acupuncture treatment, you will often feel relaxed after a day at the beach, probably because all the tension in your body has been unwound and it is time to rest and recover it. Swimming in sea water and walking on the morning dew grass removes positive ions that we accumulate from the electromagnetic and pollution-filled world we live in.

Its going to be 36 degrees tomorrow in Melbourne tomorrow! I dare you to visit the beach and feel the wonder of summer!!!

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe



Blogging in the Melbourne rain: acupuncture for positive mindset

It was supposed to be hot and sunny today, however we in Melbourne were greeted with humid air and rain! So easy to get yourself down if you were planning a glorious day outdoors!

Remember though that rain brings clean air as it washes away the pollution and stagnant energy that builds up in this eclectic city we call home!

Looking at the things differently and trying to see the positive that occurs when we receive what we perceive as bad news can change our attitude and life for the better. Hence, why the rain reminded me of this today because people strangely often complain about it when it is essentially vital to our life! No rain, no plants, no food, no clean air nor water.


If you have been trying to change your mindset and find it difficult to do so, acupuncture can be highly beneficial. Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles into certain points on the body and is very relaxing and grounding. I also offer coaching services and I find that patients who are ready and willing to make changes reap the benefits in their physical and emotional health when combined with acupuncture. If you tend to stress, worry, become anxious or feel so down that you can’t get motivated, this combined therapy of acupuncture and coaching I offer  in Ivanhoe, Melbourne could just be for you.