Pregenvy 😡😢💔

Pregenvy (def): strong emotional jealousy and desire to conceive which is aggravated by people falling pregnant around you at the drop of a hat. This is what I reckon and coin the term as. A strange thing occurs when you finally surrender to that maternal urge that you are ready to have a baby 👶, before … Continue reading Pregenvy 😡😢💔

Wild Rose🌹: mei gui hua for pain, beauty & pms

Admiring this stunning rose today made me think of the herb mei gui hua or dried rose buds (rosa rugosa) that are used in Chinese medicine often for women's health, periods and fertility. The rose is the universal symbol of love has been used for medicine purposes for centuries. It is fragrant, clearing, and mild … Continue reading Wild Rose🌹: mei gui hua for pain, beauty & pms

Natural support for miscarriage at home

Miscarriage can occur for different reasons; a blighted ovum, genetic deformities, hostile uterine environment and even a cold uterus that fails to provide the warmth and nourishment to the baby. As a woman you will have a choice to have a D&C (dilate & cutettage) where the products of conception are surgically removed or to … Continue reading Natural support for miscarriage at home

Top fertility food: uovo sbatutto the jing tonic

Recently I mentioned the benefits of eggs for fertility, especially while you are getting your acupuncture to optimise the benefits of your treatments. My nonna (Italian grandmother) swears by this dish for breakfast to restore and rejuvenate your health if you have been sick or exhausted. Uovo sbatutto translates in Italian to 'beaten egg' in … Continue reading Top fertility food: uovo sbatutto the jing tonic

Five ways to beat period pain – naturally

A recent study by the University of Modena in Italy found that over 84% women suffer from period pain. Dysmenorrhoea or period pain is a common complaint women come to see me for in my acupuncture practice. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are excellent for helping women manage their pain and cycle naturally. In Australia, most … Continue reading Five ways to beat period pain – naturally

The Low Down on How To Keep Healthy During Your … PERIOD

Fertility and menstrual issues can arise from the way you care for yourself during your period. Working hard and long hours, inadequate rest and sleep, lots of cold drinks and food, too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol and processed foods are all key offenders. Allegory with phases of the moon, our menstrual cycle is comparative to … Continue reading The Low Down on How To Keep Healthy During Your … PERIOD

Natural Support for Uterine Polyps

A Uterine Polyp is an overgrowth of endometrial tissue or uterine lining. Polyps may arise when this lining grows in excess. They can be oval or round and can occur in the uterus or cervix. Uterine polyps are composed of endometrial tissue, whereas uterine fibroids consist of muscle. Causes Hormonal factors, with oestrogen sensitivity. Uterine … Continue reading Natural Support for Uterine Polyps