Celebrating 6 months of success: thanks to you! 💗

To all my wonderful patients, friends, family and everyone who has supported my home clinic in the past six months.

Sending you a gracious 💓 bomb to sincerely thank you for all the support to be able to transition from big mumma clinic at Fertile Ground to very quiet, intimate and independent space in Ivanhoe.


It’s been a great experience, from commuting to East Melbourne to stepping through the front part of my house into my clinic office. This means I don’t walk as much however it certainly is convenient.

Thank you to all my beautiful patients for making the consistent effort to continue your treatment with me from all over Melbourne, some as far as Mentone, Derrimut (bless you) & beyond.

Thank you Andrew and all my family have been very supportive with looking after the kids.

Thank you gorgeous patients for being über patient despite the pitter patter of small feet and the random bang and clunk that we gracefully speak over. I trust you have enjoyed being greeted by them and their occasional administration of alcohol swabs and moxa stick waving.

Thank you to my patients, family, friends, community at Ivanhoe Primary School and Ngaio and Kevin at House of Fertility & Healing in Sydney for all your referrals!

I am really loving my practice at the moment, it is an honour to look after you all and watch you grow and blossom in good health. I will always endeavour to provide you with the best professional service and treatment possible, while walking my talk.

Lots of love,

Ilana Sowter 💗💗💗


Cultivating gratitude amongst the chaos

I woke up to the screeching noise of  metal scraping and banging something. It was midnight. I soon roused and realised this was directed at our beloved new car! A driver was high on drugs and through my front window proceeded to drive forth and back into the cars rear wheel.


The next day was a challenging one. Full of speaking to tow truck drivers, police, insurance people, car hire people… The list goes on. It was a busy day in clinic. Then dropping the in-laws off for a well meaning drink at the Maribyrnong boathouse ended up with being stuck in Melboune traffic for two hours 😁.

Usually I can see that the glass is half full, but this day was really testing me. In this challenging situations, we need to get back to the basics.

I am grateful I have a car  😊

I am grateful that everyone I love is safe and well ❤️

I am thankful that there are many people helping and looking after this situation to help me 😉

It’s a sunny day 🌼

I am alive! 😀

Days like this remind me that life is usually smooth and fine, and sometimes we are challenged ! ✨

I’m having some acupuncture today because for me, it always releases that tension and stuck energy that can get trapped in the body when it all seems too much, like rediscovering possibility.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Northern suburbs

Dairy: is it good or bad for you during pregnancy and fertility?

Health conscious people these days often avoid dairy products. Is dairy bad for you? Ideally the best dairy will be obtained from happy, grass-fed cows that is raw and unpasteurised. Legislation in Australia prevents the selling of raw dairy. However you can sometimes source select, raw European cheeses from specialist Melbourne delis, and let me tell you they are amazing!

Raw dairy is better for you because all the beneficial bacteria and vitamins are live and present thus it is much less likely to cause intolerance or phlegm in the body. Recently Made By Cow have released raw Jersey cow milk that has been cold-pressed to kill any pathogenic bacteria but retain all the goodies.


Is it safe to consume this cold-pressed raw milk during pregnancy, for fertility or even give to little kids? Yes indeed! In fact is provides essential fats and minerals for remineralising teeth according to Ramiel Nagel, author of Cure Tooth Decay.

Most importantly it tastes amazingly delicious and from a Chinese medicine perspective, a glass of this milk is best enjoyed on one of our scorching summer days in Melbourne.

Some dairy is good for you, especially in raw form and from happy, grass-fed cows.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe

Breastfeeding & society: mother of 4 shamed in National Gallery Australia

I was shocked to read that a mother was told to go to the parents room when feeding her baby daughter at the Versaille’s exhibition at the National Gallery in Canberra! The security guard approached her indicating it was an issue of decency and modesty.

This is outrageous considering that we are in 2017 and there are these kinds of qualms going on in our Australian culture. Many women struggle with breastfeeding, mastitis and maintaining a healthy milk supply, imagine going through these issues then being told to go and shut yourself away in a room because you are doing something indecent in public.


I like to think we live in a society now where we are all loving and accepting of however we feed our babies, whether from a boob or bottle they are all beautiful little creatures who deserve love and to be respected regardless of how they are nourished. The WHO (World health organisation) recommends that babies are breastfed to 6 months and up to two years for the health and wellbeing of both mother and baby. Breastfeeding is not only great for babies, it can reduce the mother’s chances of developing breast cancer later in life. They probably don’t tell you that if you buy a pink bun from Bakers delight.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are excellent for supporting a mothers breast milk supply, and are just effective for mastitis if you are looking for an antibiotic or drug-free treatment. If you are struggling with generally breastfeeding, find a good lactation consultant they can make all the difference.

@Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, Ivanhoe

Best top 10 Fertility Foods for Jing (Sperm & Eggs) according to Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine has been treating infertility for over a thousand years with references dating way back to the oracle bones. This subtle and natural approach lies in slowly building the body’s precious substances such as blood, qi and essence. Ideally this can be done through diet, especially considering that here in Australia our soils are mineral deficient and minerals are essential to reproduction. When we regularly include nourishing foods rich in vitamins and minerals, they improve our wellbeing which extends to our fertility.

So here are my top ten favourite foods to nourish the body’s blood, qi and protect jing. Jing is our essence, what keeps us young and healthy and enables us to procreate and pass on this essence of life to our children. In Chinese medicine, having good jing levels translates to being fertile and it is worth knowing that women and men lose their jing differently. Men lose their jing through ejaculating, thus having too much sex or excessive masturbating can destroy a man’s jing. A woman loses her jing through menstruation every month, so when periods are heavy and debilitating it can exhaust the body and age it. Another way to conserve jing is to rest, so taking it easy when you need to and listening to your body is the best way to go.


  • Eggs – organic, pastured, my grandmother tells me to eat uovo sbattuto every day – a well beaten raw egg with a little sugar and marsala, it is pure jing tonic!
  • Bee pollen – great sprinkled on fruit with yoghurt
  • Berries – all kinds, make sure you wash them because they often have pesticides, they astringe the essence with that sour flavour they have. Cherries are good for the blood
  • Bone broth
  • Liver – most nutrient dense food
  • Kefir – great for immunity and generally wellbeing so you stay well and don’t tax the jing
  • Fish eggs, roe or caviar
  • Algae & seaweed
  • Nuts and seeds – consume in small amounts organic, preferably soaked
  • Butter and ghee – so good! Use ghee to fry food and on vegetables etc, very nouishing for the body

Happy self-nourishing

xx Ilana Sowter Acupuncture Melbourne, @Ivanhoe