Natural Fever Reducing Treatment for Children

Panadol and neurofen should be a last resort when treating a fever. These medicines only reduce the fever, they do not treat the true cause of the fever which is usually infection. Fever phobia is widespread today where all parents fear their children's fevers due to the slight risks of serious complications arising. Parents have … Continue reading Natural Fever Reducing Treatment for Children

Treating sinusitis naturally with herbs and acupuncture

Learn about treating sinusitis with acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

Butter is a superfood herošŸ’«

I seriously can't believe how many people still think butter is bad for you!!! They say it is fattening or unhealthy. Butter is SO delicious and nutritious it should be in everyone's fridge for good health. My favourite butter and the best I believe available in Melbourne is made by the biodynamic cows of Paris … Continue reading Butter is a superfood herošŸ’«

Gut health & immunity: kefir, curd & benefits

The weather is often hot then cold in Melbourne and many people are consequently suffering from cold, flu and poor immunity at the moment as I'm sure you're aware! Enter kefir or fermented milk as super probiotic to replenish your gut bacteria and restore immunity. The theory is that if you are getting sick all … Continue reading Gut health & immunity: kefir, curd & benefits