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Welcome to the style that we practice here at Femme Vital Acupuncture Melbourne. Contact us for the best, holistic and tailored Acupuncture in Fairfield, Melbourne.

Acupuncture Gallery Auckland of Treatment Room

Acupuncture Gallery Auckland. Moxa Acupuncture.

Acupuncture Gallery Auckland. Chinese Medicine Books.
Chinese Medicine texts for fertility, children’s, women’s health and Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Acupuncture Gallery Auckland. Acupuncturist Ilana Sowter.
Dr. Ilana Sowter (Chinese Medicine) is passionate about coaching her clients into better lifestyle practices. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine may support these changes.
Acupuncture Gallery Auckland. Acupuncture Needles
Sterilised, single use-only Acupuncture needles.

Contact Ilana on 03 9005 6730 or at to book.

More about Ilana and her qualifications here. Prices here.

Online coaching consultations available for international clients.

Fairfield, Melbourne, Australia.

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