Trying for a baby naturally?

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Wanting to Improve Your Fertility Naturally?

Then you have found the place to help you get pregnant naturally and holistically with the ancient wisdom of acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and the modern discipline of coaching.

Acupuncture is renowned for improving fertility.

If you are ready to have a baby, now is the time to start preparing your mind, body and soul.

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Pre-conception Care, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs help make a healthy baby.

Not because you are getting old, but because it is your dream and priority to be a parent and share this wonderful world with your child.

Much research shows that acupuncture supports fertility, conception and increases live birth rates.

What To Expect with Chinese Medicine for Fertility

An Initial Fertility Consultation examines your health, diet, mindset and lifestyle factors to discover what is truly impacting your health and fertility.

Maybe you know what you issue is or what needs to change, buy you need support as have failed in the past.

Maybe your diet needs a clean up, or you don’t know when you are ovulating.

Perhaps you have just come of the pill, or have done various rounds of IVF unsuccessfully, either way there is something you can do about this!

You can be supported, guided and treated with Chinese medicine which has been used for hundreds of years empirically to improve fertility.

What is Considered in an Initial Fertility Chinese Medicine Consultation

Fertility Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves the use of single-use only sterile needles on certain acupoints in the body. A complete diagnosis is made according to the state of your qi and blood, whether you in deficiency or stagnation and then if you have any impacting factors such as heat, cold and dampness etc. Points are selected to rectify and adjust these imbalances along with complimentary modalities such as moxibustion, cupping or gua sha as needed and prescribed for the patient.

ACC is available and Ilana is registered with NZASA.

Frequency and type of treatment will be prescribed specifically to your needs. Acupuncture is safe, gentle, effective and relaxing, you can have acupuncture at any point in your normal cycle, IVF cycle and pregnancy when you are in the hands of a knowledgeable and experienced Acupuncturist.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine is beneficial for fertility, pregnancy and women’s health. In most fertility cases, herbs are paramount as they provide the body with qi and blood, and can have functional actions to treat signs and symptoms that affect your fertility such as late ovulation, luteal phase defect, scanty periods (affecting the uterine lining). Usually with fertility we may need to clear old blood out of the body before we start townifying, the blood can stagnate as we age and due to other factors such as having a history of clotty periods, chronic health issues, emotional stress and taking medications or drugs.

Ilana is a registered and qualified Chinese Herbalist.

Chinese herbal flowers
Chinese Herbal Medicine uses roots, leaves, stems, twigs and flowers for fertility


The mind leads the body. It doesn’t matter how healthy you are in every other aspect of your life it you lack self-confidence, love and belief, your health, fertility and life will be impacted. You will be encouraged to embrace these aspects in yourself and your life because these are the fundamental law of living well and in harmony.


To have a good strong, healthy and reproductively fit body, that makes good blood and energy we need a supportive lifestyle. This is where coaching for women in high-pressure roles is key to learn how to manage their stress so they have time and energy to look after themselves and try to conceive. Others may need motivation to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in a cup
Herbal Medicine helps improve your blood and energy which is vital for conception


Diet is considered and you will be advised what it is you need to eat in order to get all the  antioxidants, fibre, micro & macro nutrients and minerals for optimum fertility.

Exercise improve fertility in women
Specific types of exercise are excellent for your fertility


Unfortunately a lot of these addictions are ruining and running are lives rather than serving us. Everything you do now affects your sperm and eggs up to the next 120 days. Part of this journey involves letting go and enjoying balance for you and your body.


The frequency and quality of your sex drive and life greatly affects your ability to conceive. You would be surprised how many people have sex issues and how they gravely affect your fertility. A connected, loving and intimate relationship can provide the perfect ingredients for a health baby.


There are some basic supplements that are key for ensuring you are fertile. You will find out which key minerals you are missing and need to get fertile.

Vegetables are full of antioxidants, fibre and minerals for optimum fertility

Fertility Foods

In Chinese medicine some foods are particularly special for improving fertility and include raw egg, seeds, nuts, berries, bone broth, liver, seaweed, oysters, fruits, vegetables and special fats such as butter as ghee (all preferably organic of course). Eating berries can improve your fertility in a natural and dietary way.

Test Results

Bring any relevant test, operation or scan results or reports to your appointment that you would like Dr. Ilana to analyse for you.

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Skype consultations available for international clients.

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