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Ilana is a highly-effective trained and experienced results coach, she has been coaching and mentoring her clients for over 14 years.

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Enrolling in Ilana’s signature 8 Week Results Breakthrough Program is your opportunity to be guided through your deepest wisdom, healing and learnings to reprogramming your mindset and create your catalyst for change.

Do you get held back by emotions, anxiety or depression?

Do you know you are ready for greatness and better in your life, but somehow keep self-sabotaging yourself?

Have you tried a lot of therapy and other modalities, but feel like you are in the same stuck position?

Much of how you behave today and keep new habits is based on your childhood programming which limits your possibility due to the wiring of  your nervous system.

“It’s not about getting it perfect, it’s about getting it started”

If you have had trauma or struggle with emotions holding you back, this is your solution to growth, freedom and success.

If  you are ready to breakthrough these with a proven program and begin remylenating your nervous system, then the 8 Week Results Breakthrough program is for you. Book here or contact us for more information.

How Can The 8 Week Results Breakthrough Program Help You?

This program is structured over 8 weeks where Ilana will support you in a very space space to breakthrough the limiting behaviours and belief. These hold you back in life. You work through them, as Ilana supports YOU to do this in your own way in the next steps that YOU need to make. Then you are free to begin creating and being able to do what you need with freedom to achieve those next steps towards your goals.

Contact Ilana today on a discovery call to find out if the 8 Week Results Breakthrough Program is for you.

Choose Your Most Important Goal

  • feel emotionally stable, and manage your anxiety & depression like never before
  • be the best person in your choice of career
  • free yourself from addiction such as binge eating, drugs, alcohol or cigarettes
  • love yourself and drop the self-criticism and judgement
  • rehabilitating men for success and empowerment
  • feminine and masculine energy
  • relationships
  • any result you desire can be focussed on in this program.

Yes, the 8 Week Results Breakthrough Program can help you achieve your decided result.

Ilana is the ultimate Results Coach to support you to attain result you desire.

Ilana’s Coaching Is Being Guided & Supported

It is a collaborative effort to allow you to make the right decision that feels and is right for you. Yes, I have the experience and the advice but in this program, I am the Results coach that will get all the right answers from YOU and breakthroughs with my techniques to access your deepest wisdom and healing.

Coaching can support your natural instinct and identify what is and is not good in your life. It can also help you understand your current situation and grow from the challenges you face.

How Does Coaching Work?

When we meet, you will talk to Ilana about what is this special goal that you want to achieve. Then Ilana will use all the proven techniques so that you can release what is holding you back and clearly make your own easy actions to attain this goal.

Through the 8 weekly sessions, you will learn tools and be taken through the guided techniques, express what you need, and go through a very supportive and structured process to attain what it is you require.

Benefits of Coaching

The right coach can break your bad habits, allow you to rediscover your purpose and be free very quickly rather than waste time going around the same cycle again and again.

Experienced & Qualified Results Coach

  • Ilana has been coaching her clients for years
  • She is a qualified and highly-effective results coach

Results Coach Melbourne

Contact Ilana on +613 9005 6730 or book online.

Coaching consultations are available for local, interstate or international clients.

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