Pregenvy & The Fertility Journey

Pregenvy (def): strong emotional jealousy and desire to conceive which is aggravated by people falling pregnant around you at the drop of a hat.

This is what I reckon and coin the term as.

A strange thing occurs when you finally surrender to that maternal urge that you are ready to have a baby ūüĎ∂, before you have even told anyone, perhaps not even your partner, your receive a text from your best friend with a 4D ultrasound picture of her 12 week old baby.

You walk out that door and then notice a lady with a massive bump waddling past you. After sometime talk of babies, trying to conceive, ovulation predictor kits, ovulation (egg) week and what seems like endless rounds of sex in the bedroom followed by the comedown of getting your period can all get a bit much.


When the trying to conceive fertility journey takes its time and thus its toll on you its time to check in and do some inner work. The reality is a lot of women (and men) face this challenge at some point in their lives. Why? Because in our society today we aren’t used to waiting for what we want anymore.

Get married? Organise wedding.

New career? Work, study and make it happen.

New car? Save up and buy it.

The baby does not work like this. Sometimes they come easily, take note that some people who tell you how they got pregnant so quickly will conveniently forget that it took six months of trying, endless testing and two rounds of clomid to achieve this.

Health on both sides, woman and man is essential. Just because your friend’s cousin got pregnant when she was drunk and lives off Macdonalds doesn’t mean health isn’t important nor that you child will be healthy being conceived this way. Parents who nurture their health three to six month days prior to conception can ensure their child will benefit from this, as research consistently shows.


Chinese medicine, acupuncture, cleansing and Chinese herbs are excellent for pre-conception health.

Having a good supportive team around you is vital, a supportive and loving partner, or friends or family if you are doing it on your own, a good GP, a great and experienced health practitioner (like me) and a clear, conscious self to follow intuition and make good decisions.

Then back to the pregenvy. Remember that the mind leads the body and is very powerful. Try to see the pregenvy in a different light. I believe pregenvy happens because we are so focused on the baby that we see it everywhere and compare ourselves to others.


Focus on yourself, loving yourself to the point that you are confident a new soul would love to live and grow within you.

Call your friend and congratulate her on her wonderful news, try¬†your best to be excited for her because that will be you soon too. Or if you don’t feel like it, don’t.

Smile at the lady with the big bump walking down the street.

Enjoy all that intimacy as before you know it there will be sleepless nights and booby fests.

Be grateful you have a period, some women NEVER get one.

Trust in god and the universe, if you are meant to be a parent it will happen at the right time in the right way.

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