Life’s Too Hard Can’t Afford I’m Sick & Affirmations For Change

Affirmations are important for a good life. Think of your attitude. My God I’m absolutely sick of this!!! You’ve probably heard yourself cry out many a time. It’s that feeling of being stuck with a situation if life and it never gets better, in fact it seems to get worse.

It may be an illness or health problem, and you constantly find yourself googling the term and becoming an expert at the worst it can do to you. Then you keep noticing that the illness is getting worse and out of your control.

Woman stress rocks black dress
We can magnify our stress beyond the capacities of reality


Because you are giving it power.

By placing all your attention on the problem, that is what you don’t want in your life, it becomes all that you notice.

How often have you whinged and complained about what you didn’t want? Or made a desperate plea, oh if only I could just be cured or if only it would just get better please someone!

Someone is one person and the only person that can help yourself is you.

It is important to feel and allow the “negative” feeling to pass through and be recognised, however when it takes over our lives it’s pathological. Getting so angry that you start being aggressive and short to the people that you love, to the very friends and family that are trying to help you. Making them feel bad for your anger outburst. Is this how you really want to be?

Did this ever bring you what you really wanted? Do we notice our friends and family who follow this behaviour get what they want and live their life to the fullest? Definitely not!

Imagine people who speak like this often and what it means:

“I’m sick of working” (very true, so sick of it is it possible they have willed sickness on themselves to avoid work?).

“I don’t have enough money” (it’s all chosen to be spent on cigarettes)

“I can’t afford to move out of home” (when one owns their own house and chooses not to live in it)

“Life’s too hard, the government is against me” (when one lives in Australia which is relatively comfortable compared to the rest of the world).

In fact, sometimes these people never express one sentence of gratitude.

Louise Hay mentions this theory of law of attraction in her little blue book, Heal Your Body. 

The more you focus on what you don’t want, the more of it you attract, create and see. The things about yourself or your life that you have always disowned and denied are probably still with you.

This also applies to your friends and family around us! If you are constantly surrounded by the whingeing and whining it’s very difficult for you to change your thinking. In fact if you keep hanging around them you will never get a chance to focus and talk about what you do want and enjoy in your life because they will be quick to smash those thoughts down. Birds of a feather flock together.

Birds flock collectivised
Birds of a Feather Flock Together

How and where can you be more authentic in your life? Be strong and be honest. If you have a friend you love but they rub you up the wrong way see less of them. What about debates and polemical topics of conversation? This is significant, if you don’t agree with someone nor respect their opinion just politely tell them you don’t agree and no more. They probably aren’t worth of your belief and won’t consider it anyway. In other words don’t hold your breath. But don’t agree with them because it’s easy. Pretending to agree with what you don’t believe in nor aligns in your values is a good way of shutting yourself down.

Honesty? Being honest and authentic allows you to feel good about yourself and hold your opinion in high value.

Every human being has and lives by a set of values and has the right and full expectation to live by them. So how do you create and attract more of what you WANT in your life? Focus on what you love and like; your attention on this will growand become permanent in your life.

This takes time. Why? Think of all those years of negative thinking and putting yourself down, you need to slowly be aware of what you are saying to yourself in your head.

What’s in your head? That’s right the mind leads the body, and if you don’t use it you may feel like a zombie treading through life on auto-pilot (Dolores O’Riordan got that one). Feel the negative, recognise it, let it pass through then let it go.

When the negative keeps coming up now think of what you love! Place your attention on what it is that you really do want to be or have.

Be happy positive woman love life
Affirm what it is you want in your life

Here are some of Louise Hay’s golden affirmations to turn these negative thoughts into positive affirmations:

I don’t want to be fat. I am slender and skinny, it’s easy for me to be thin.

I don’t want to be broke. I am prosperous and attract money all the time. I love finding new ways to save and make money.

I don’t want to be old. I am eternally young, vital and beautiful. My body feels better every day!

I don’t want to live here. I now move to a better place, in the perfect location at a price I can easily afford surrounded by great people.

I don’t want to have this relationship. I have a wonderful new relationship.

I don’t want to be like my mother/father. I am my own person and I honour my values and beliefs. I am authentic unto myself, I love myself for who I am.

I don’t want to have this hair/nose/body. I love my hair/nose/body and how it has served me my whole life! I am grateful that I am alive and have them.

I don’t want to be lonely. I am filled with love and affection, I attract people that I love and bring value and inspiration into my life.

I don’t want to be unhappy. I am joyous and happy and free, I choose to live my life how I need to and I am grateful for this.

I don’t want to be sick. I am totally healthy. The force that created the body can heal the body. I focus on what is good about my health, what My body does and how well it does it.

Do what you love and love what you do. Think. What is it that really makes you happy? What is it that you need to change in your life. You know what it is. Get started and start living because you love life. Stop living because you are scared of fear. Feel the fear but don’t let it stop you! It’s your life and live it well for you and what you love about it.

Are you wondering how you can learn how to break through these barriers and truly live your life to the fullest? Well, you can!

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