Post-Partum Acupuncture

Post-Partum Acupuncture

Most women would have no idea about it. But receiving post-partum acupuncture after having a baby can be so wonderful. I remember the incessant body aches after my first baby. Uterine pain as the uterus cramped down to normal size. Feeling out of sorts and exhaustion. Perhaps lastly, the most obvious pain experienced after natural birth?

Both my post-partums were in Melbourne winter, lucky me! Such a wonderful excuse to stay indoors and keep warm with my beautiful little babies. I personally found acupuncture afterwards to be so beneficial. Acupuncture supported me to relax my mind and body. It certainly improved my mood as I never experienced the classic baby blues. This feeling meant I could sleep better and focus on breastfeeding.

Rest Now!

After birthing a baby, this “post-partum” period is sacred, time to rest as much as one can, stay indoors… yes, winter is ideal for this time as you are less tempted to go outside and be busy. If you were born and raised in the West, you may think that after you have a baby you need to get back to the usual routine, going out and getting fit. Please remember that your mind your body have gone through a major transition and require lots of love and kindness. You will get fit and independent again. Yet straight after having a baby is precious time to restore, relax and enjoy this new person that you have in your life.

Know Someone Having A Baby?

Please send them this article and ask them to read the Golden Month. Every pregnancy woman should read it. New Zealand Acupuncturist Jenny Allison found so many women burnt themselves out and had no idea how to look after themselves. During the special post-partum time. It really is amazing, your body rapidly heals and regenerates in those six weeks post-partum. By looking after yourself you set you and your child up for a happier and more settled life and wellbeing. Let them know about Post-partum acupuncture if they find they need wellbeing support.

Post-Partum Ritual

It is a time of surrender, eating soup and drinking warm herbs and teas, breastfeeding, doing pelvic floor exercises and remember your teeth (they can be more sensitive during pregnancy and neglected once you have your tiny bundle of joy to attend to!). Also, the post-partum time is an important one to say yes and graciously accept help from friends, family, neighbours and all people who come to celebrate you and your new baby! It’s okay to say no to seeing people if you are tired. It’s okay to say yes to ALL the help offered to you. You need it right now! Massage and post-partum acupuncture can also be part of your special ritual. Treating and loving yourself. Revelling in the miracle of your body!

Gain A Child, Lose A Tooth

Have you heard this old wives tale? This article from The Telegraph analysed tooth loss in women. It found a correlation between having more than two children. The other factor that increased tooth loss was being uneducated. There is plenty that you can do about saving teeth and preventing gum disease. The Holistic Tooth Fairy is a wonderful coach and resource for those keen to cure oral disease from within.

“Gain a child, lose a tooth.”

winter post-partum acupuncture
Winter, Post-partum & Ritual

Post-partum is life after giving birth

Post-Partum Chinese Medicine Essentials

In China and the East, they take the post-partum period very seriously. Women were subject to strict traditions. The post-partum period was for usually 40 days. It was known as the Golden Month. Women were obliged to stay in bed, rest, breastfeed and eat soup all month long. Certain foods were prohibited. Cold and spicy substances were not allowed. They were not even allowed to wash! However, usually the mother had a good rest and felt very inspired and strong to look after her baby afterwards. A mother would receive a special massage with herbs and heating treatments that warmed the body. It supposedly helped with aches and pains. Post-partum acupuncture is something that women can try today to feel better after having a baby.

Post-Partum Chinese Herbs

Traditionally in China women are given a special formula for three days to move blood and nourish right after birth. Then they are prescribed a specific formula to address their needs. Some women may be blood deficient: pale, dizzy and cannot fall asleep. Other women may have qi stagnation: full breasts with milk that does not come out. Tense shoulders, irritability and pain. Another woman may have yang deficiency and feel cold, have cold hands and feet, bloating and fluid retention. The purpose of the Chinese Herbs is to balance the mother’s presentation. In the previous cases, the herbal formulae would aim to tonify blood, move qi and warm yang. Contact Ilana for your Chinese Herbs. Always ensure that your herbs are of the highest quality and prescribed by an experienced practitioner.

Natural Wellbeing Essential for Your Post-partum

Some things I have really enjoyed doing in my post-partums and would love to share with you and anyone you know who is about to commence this transition;

  • Chicken Soup – easy and simple for the new mother, keep the ingredients simple with ginger, spring onion, rice, salt, slow cooked to get the nutrition from the bones. Here’s a nice recipe. Any bone soup is great for her and breastmilk. In China they make pig trotter soup for insufficient milk supply.
  • Post-Partum Acupuncture & Moxa – I have had regular treatment from myself and my acupuncturist who kept me amazingly well.
  • Herbal Tea: calendula, raspberry leaf, nettle and ginger. Nettle and raspberry leaf and so good for you! Sometimes a cup of roasted dandelion root tea with milk – yummo!
  • SRC Recovery Shorts: I wore them religiously for the first six weeks as I had diastasis (transverse abdominal muscle separation). Then every second day and lots of pelvic floor exercise which helped immensely.
  • Hug-a-bub Baby Carrier: by two weeks postpartum I was walking my six-year old son to school to and fro in the freezing cold winter (ok it’s not that cold compared to many places) in my ski jacket and baby Chiara tucked under in a hug-a-bub she was happy and toasty warm as could be! I don’t recommend doing this though, ask a friend or local parent to help out!

Chinese Herbs

  • Chinese Herbs: for three days postpartum I took the classical formula and then on to a warming, all great qi and blood tonic! When I caught the flu three weeks after birth, I took other herbs and recovered really well compared to most who keep getting sick. Certain minerals and vitamins are important too. Book in to find out more.
  • Herbal Sitz Baths: from inspiration Wellness Mama.
  • Teeth Care: cleaning your teeth regularly, flossing, Himalayan salt gargle and then oil pulling with coconut oil.
  • Sleep: you need lots of this. Sleep when baby sleeps. Enjoy!
  • Lots of Love: this is a time to be good to ourselves and adore our healing bodies which have miraculously birthed a beautiful baby not criticise them for soft pudginess and weight gain! Slowly but surely if you are good to yourself you will regain your strength and vitality. And soak up that love from your partner, family, friends and baby, such a special time!

Pregnancy Post-partum Acupuncture Melbourne

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