Acupuncture For C-Section Scars Improve Healing & Reduce Numbness

Having a caesarean section (c-section) can be a traumatic experience, especially if has been an emergency. Learn more about having a more gentle caesarean here. The good news is that you can help your body to heal well afterwards. Along with resting, eating nourishing foods, doing pelvic floor exercises and taking it easy (yes, that’s right! None of this getting back to pre-baby shape in 3 weeks post-partum, please!).

Acupuncture can be administered soon after the operation on distal points such as the legs and arms not where the c-section incision has been made.

Ideally scar needling techniques at 6-weeks post c-section.

This involves the gentle insertion of tiny needles around the scar. I have used this technique for various post-surgical scars such as breast implants, laparoscopy and hernia. The sooner you receive the Acupuncture for scar treatment the better the results will be. The treatment can bring blood and qi (energy) to the area which has been blocked by scar tissue. This can result in improved sensation to the area, thus reducing numbness and increasing the rate of scar healing as they can get lumpy or infected. Prevention is better than cure. The other benefit of having acupuncture for c-section scar treatment is that it is very relaxing and most women are taxed after delivery, whether it be from blood loss, learning how to breastfeed or sleep deprivation. So looking after yourself can prevent exhaustion, low mood and getting sick as women are more vulnerable at this time.

Acupuncture treatment post-c-section can be highly beneficial given it enables the body to be more recirculate vital substances where they were once blocked. When people have old, untreated scars which are fibrous and numb, it can cause qi and blood stagnation and for the person to fear and feel detached from the particular area of their body. The other issue is that if subsequent children are wanted, long-term numbness and lack of circulation will affect the ren (midline) channel, the channel that begins at the vagina and ends at the nose which governs fertility. So if you have had a caesarean or a planning one, consider acupuncture scar treatment to keep your body in tip top shape.

Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture for Pregnancy in Melbourne

Acupuncture is safe and relaxing during and after pregnancy.

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