Pain one minute… gone the next

So much pain these days, my dear nonna is a prime candidate for complaining about the “aches of old age” and how bad they are. But we all get pain, in fact pain is how our body communicates to us. I link it to the adage, “First you feel a feather, then a brick and… Read More

The Yin and Yang of Drugs According to TCM

Have you ever thought what was the energetic property of antibiotics or panadol? This article explains the nature of drugs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Read More

How to Keep Healthy in Autumn for Winter with Chinese Medicine

It’s been an awesome summer in Melbourne & Auckland, and now the mornings and evenings are cooling and the dryness is arriving.  Autumn brings shorter days, the harvesting of crops and preparation for winter. How do you give yourself the best chance of a healthy autumn and winter? Start Preparing Now – The lungs need to… Read More

How to Research Health Conditions & Natural Therapies

How to conduct your own database search on a health condition and intervention (e.g. acupuncture/medicine). Read More