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Iodine: An Essential Micronutrient

Iodine Auckland. You know your body needs all the essential minerals and vitamins to thrive. Much of your food today is devoid of real nutrition. One of the essential micronutrients … Continue reading Iodine: An Essential Micronutrient

Pain One Minute Gone The Next

So much pain these days, my dear nonna is a prime candidate for complaining about the “aches of old age” and how bad they are. But we all get pain, … Continue reading Pain One Minute Gone The Next

The Yin & Yang of Drugs

Have you ever thought what was the energetic property of antibiotics or panadol? This article explains the nature of drugs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

How To Keep Healthy For Winter With Chinese Medicine

It’s been an awesome summer in Auckland, and now the mornings and evenings are cooling and the dryness is arriving. Autumn brings shorter days, the harvesting of crops and preparation for … Continue reading How To Keep Healthy For Winter With Chinese Medicine

How To Research Health Conditions With Natural Therapies

How to conduct your own database search on a health condition and intervention (e.g. acupuncture/medicine).

Menopause Natural Support

What is Menopause? Menopause is defined as the cessation of reproductive ability and cyclic production of ovarian sex steroids due to loss of ovarian function in a woman that produces … Continue reading Menopause Natural Support

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What To Expect To Feel After Acupuncture Treatment

An extensive explanation on what you may feel after your acupuncture treatment.

Cosmetic Acupuncture A Botox Alternative?

Are you feeling and looking, haggered, worn out? Have you noticed how so many shops that in every suburb, including Mairangi Bay, it is full of beauty salons! So many of … Continue reading Cosmetic Acupuncture A Botox Alternative?

Gua Sha Benefits & Actions

Gua sha (Chinese: 刮痧; pinyin: guā shā) translates to “scraping sha-bruises”. It is a key treatment in traditional Chinese medicine where a clay spoon or tool is used to scrape … Continue reading Gua Sha Benefits & Actions

Natural Teeth Care For Women 2

Now on to the fun stuff, so what do we do to prevent gum and tooth problems in these changed hormonal states? First of all, you need a good dentist … Continue reading Natural Teeth Care For Women 2