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What Exactly Is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about supporting you make some important goals in certain areas of your life. By supporting you through the planning, process and achievement of those goals.

What kind of goals? You may want to get pregnant. You may want to scale the corporate ladder or it may be a personal matter outside of your work. You may even need to achieve a health or habit goal such as binge eating, creating boundaries or freeing yourself from an addiction.

Coaching is not mentoring whereby you are told what to do. It is a collaborative effort to allow you to make the right decision that feels and is right for you. That is innately in you. Coaching can help your natural instinct and identify what is and is not good in your life.

How Does Coaching Work?

When you come in, you will talk to Ilana about what it is in your life that you want, and what you don’t want.

We will go through your confidential and personal history to examine what is holding you back, what you need encouragement and support with. Most importantly, the tools which will help you get to where you want to be!

Just like an athlete needs a professional sports coach, he needs them because he can’t break through all the barriers on his own. It is the athlete who performs, and the coach who guides and encourages the athlete to enable them to achieve their personal best. The coach drives them to break through their barriers and achieve their greatest.

One great understanding about coaching is that a great athlete does not necessarily make a good coach, nor does a great coach make a good athlete.

Your Mind Leads Your Body & Life

With all of Ilana’s clinical, tertiary and coaching experience she has found that above all that it is the that mind leads the body.

You won’t find me coaching at AUT Millennium Stadium. Or the All Blacks. I am a coach for your mind. It is a great time to invest in yourself and breakthrough what is holding you back. Whatever it is that needs improvement, change or needs to be found, together we can make it happen.

Fertility Coaching

Fertility Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Masculine Feminine Coaching

Holistic Health Coaching

Benefits of Coaching

I can help you define those goals so they really excite you, then support you through the process to completion in a comfortable environment and in far less time than you might be able to do it yourself.

Working with a coach instead of family, friends or spouse means there’s no problem talking about you 100% of the time. The Coach is there for you solely and completely.

By working in 2 or 3 different areas in your life you’ll find it brings the whole of your well-being up a level because you’ll be able to apply your new strategies for thinking to other parts of your life. That flow-on effect makes the coaching all the more valuable.

  • You’ll find how satisfying it can be to have someone from the outside ready to give you their attention 100% with no influences or hidden agenda.
  • I can look at what you want to do from an objective stance.
  • I am not influenced by anyone else in your life. I am not caught up in your life’s detail as much as those around you.
  • I can see things about you that you may not be able to see yourself and my job is to be honest in pointing these out so you can learn from them and be supported by me as you make adjustments to resolve any issues we come across.
  • I just love to listen to you, see your potential and watch you grow through the series!
  • I’m here to ask the hard questions that may be too scary to try and tackle on your own and I offer you someone you can be accountable to as you strive to achieve your goals.
  • I can be there completely for you, alone, and what you want.

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Skype coaching consultations available for international clients.

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