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The old adage goes you lose one tooth for every baby… what! Unfortunately when a woman goes through any major hormonal change, this affects her gums and teeth. Changes in the natural or artificial production of oestrogen and progesterone can increase or reduce blood flow to the gums thus changing the way the gym tissue reacts to irritating constituents in plaque.

This means you need to look after our teeth and gums. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and post-partum demand extra minerals and nutrients from the body, and a lot of women find with the combination of hormonal changes and physical depletion cause an increased risk to receding gums, cavities, tooth pain and sensitivity.


Seeing my gums had slightly receded post two babies and a total of nearly 4 years breastfeeding; I went to a sustainable dentist, ‘Bytes of Northcote’ who told me that I was brushing too hard and recommended I have AUD$1800 of dental work done with no advice to treat or prevent the receding gums. Not feeling satisfied with her treatment plan, I received a trustworthy word of mouth recommendation to holistic dentist Dr Ben Olstein in Malvern Road, Prarhan. As I sat in his chair full of fear, although it was very comfortable with calm lighting and relaxing music he tapped away at my teeth and said they were in excellent condition. He recommended some supplements for gum health and even endorsed oil pulling! No work needed to be done, just some serious deep-cleaning from the hygienist.

If you can’t keep your mouth clean and notice any changed in tartar and decay, visiting your dental hygienist regularly. I missed out on two six monthly dental visits because the last dentist I had seen when pregnant put the fear of God in me about my teeth!

Tomorrow, in my next post I will discuss natural tooth and gum care to prevent further damage to your pearly whites.

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