Acupuncture Birth Induction

Many women in Melbourne are aware of the benefits of acupuncture during pregnancy, such as preventing miscarriage, keeping mother and baby relaxed and calm along with treating mild side effects that may occur through this process.

I am always amazed at how aware mothers are today regarding the importance of preparing their body for birth.


When To Start Birth Preparation Anxiety

Women who have found pregnancy acupuncture beneficial tell their friends and family and it spreads like wildfire. Often a woman will book in with me at 36 weeks on the dot because she knows that this is the optimal point to start because her best friend told her.

Pregnancy birth preparation acupuncture starts 4 weeks before the estimated due date (EDD),  rather than trying to get things going at 41 weeks, though it can still efficiently support the process along.

Given birth is a transformational process, (yes, it’s an absolute miracle that baby is squeezed through the vaginal canal and out into the world!!!) and there is always some form of trauma or loss involved, preparing the body with acupuncture treatment, with the knowledge of an experienced practitioner and the natural tools you can help yourself with can reduce your risk of birth intervention and increase your chances of better recovery.

Many highly reputable obstetricians and midwifes in Melbourne refer their patients to have pregnancy birth preparation acupuncture because they see the differences between births that do and don’t have it.

Pregnancy birth preparation can reduce birth anxiety and worries, assist in baby getting into the right position, improve circulation for mother and baby, alleviate aches and pains, soften the cervix, encourage baby to engage and much more. Please share this with a lovely mother who is about to bring their baby into the world.

Pregnancy Induction Acupuncture Support

Along with Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture which greatly support a healthy delivery there are things you can consider to support and stimulate this miraculous process:-

  • Acupuncture can relax the body to support the natural processes of pre- and active labour to begin. It is best started around weeks 35/36.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine supports your body for a better delivery. Ilana will prescribe you a tailored formula to ensure that your body gets what it needs so it can be strong and healthy for the birthing process.
  • Sexual Intercourse is beneficial. The ejaculate contains prostaglandins which may stimulate the cervix to cause contractions. During intimacy, the chemical oxytocin is at an all time high which may support contractions.
  • Orgasm supposedly may jump-start contractions. It certainly brings a lot of energy to the area and improves the microcirculation which is essential for good health.
  • Exercise – walking, pregnancy workouts, birthing ball or yoga.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – contains iron which supports healthy haemoglobin production. This transports oxygen throughout your body and to your baby. Supposedly the rich nutrients in this tea help soften the cervix for birth.
  • Dates – from 36 weeks on it is recommended to eat 6 dates per day. The nutritional components of dates can support prostaglandins, uterine contractions and activate the uterus and bowel.
  • Nipple Stimulation – a daily practice to stimulate colostrum and birth.
  • Acupressurethis article has extensive information on the points and how to massage them.
  • Hypnobirthing – many women praise the benefits of hypnosis and meditation to help ease themselves into trust and relaxation for this process. One of my favourite hypnobirthing meditations.

Pregnancy Acupuncture Melbourne

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