Living An Inspired Life

How many times have you asked yourself what am I meant to be doing with my life?

Or how did I end up in my current life and situation?

Last night, I attended a public talk by Dr John Demartini; an inspirational speaker, teacher and writer. My dad (thank you, Dad!) bought me his first book when I was an undergrad Science student many moons ago. And I have been reading his material ever since because it has always given me inspiration and encouraged me to move through the challenges that I face in life.

I actually met John in April, 2012 after flying in from Melbourne to Sydney. I stumbled upon an underground Japanese restaurant in George Street and ordered my meal. Low and behold I gazed up to be staring in the eyes of Dr D! He was dining with some young, attractive woman. I couldn’t help looking over every five minutes, especially considering that I read sometimes read his book Count Your Blessings everynight! Being the typical Aussie with tall poppy syndrome, I just quietly ate my meal and snuck the odd gaze over. When he got up to leave he approached me and said, “Do we know each other?”. So of course I just had to gush about how much I loved his books etc!

His dining companion was his daughter, Aurora, and in her thick American accent she insisted we have a photo! I was wrapped but so shy and nervous!


Last night, we hung around to chat to him after the talk and this time when I had my picture taken with him I nearly squeezed the life out of him!

My friend Nella thought he was going to give me his Breakthrough Experience weekend (which costs 3 grand by the way) for free!


Inspirations From The Night

  • Aim to master all aspects of your life: spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and wellbeing quests
  • You can’t have a positive without a negative
  • The source of fear (phobia) is the addiction to fantasy (philia)
  • Find your highest value: you will endure the pleasure and pain equally in its pursuits with objective and even-mindedness
  • People grow the most at a point of balance with discomfort
  • Have a balanced goal
  • Find your own values, most of us live in other peoples values
  • Compare your daily actions to your highest values, whatever you think about all the time or love do every day without reminding is your highest priority
  • You are here to do love-tos not I should dos or must dos…

On that note, what do you think about all the time, what do you love to do and how can you live a most inspired life? Think about it now and take action.

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