What To Expect To Feel After Acupuncture Treatment

How May You Feel After Acupuncture Treatment

Feel After Acupuncture? Acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment for many conditions, as the principles of Chinese medicine aim to restore the body back to balance, usually this is in a gentle way but sometimes can be felt stronger than expected!

For example if there is excess heat in the upper jiao (body), signs may include headache, red eyes, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and difficulty sleeping (insomnia). Treatment principle will aim to bring the yang (heat) down back to the kidney energy, clear the excess heat and nourish the yin (cooling) energy.

The Feeling Depends on The Person & The Treatment

Depending on how good your Acupuncturist is you will feel different experiences after a treatment, the feeling is subjective and dependent upon the individual. The most common experience is relaxing and restoring effect. Like awaking for a deep slumber. If you are stressed and busy this is usually what you will feel.

Feel After Acupuncture

Ngaio Richards, renowned Fertility Acupuncturist likens a good acupuncture treatment to the sun coming out from the clouds.

So after a treatment to clear the excess heat from the upper jiao, one may feel the headache subside and even a cooling effect over the body. Much more calm and relaxed.

Acupuncture & Pain Relief

Acupuncture is renowned for analgesia (pain relief) and the best thing is that there are little side effects, sometimes you might get some bleeding (that’s another blog in itself but bleeding is actually an ancient therapeutic technique to clear stagnation) or some numbness or a bruising-like sensation that will eventually subside. Pain relief is often the body’s response after a good acupuncture treatment.

How Do You Feel After Acupuncture?

Sometimes you feel better immediately or after a few days. Sometimes symptoms get worse after treatment before they get better, I often see this with chronic pain. A patient will have a certain pain and after acupuncture will start changing and getting worse and better ad hoc. This is a good sign that the pain is moving out of the body. The stagnation is moving, this is common with patients who have had the pain for a long period of time and it has had a deeper and more profound effect on the body.

How the body responds to Acupuncture

Lastly there are functional responses and more detoxifying and hardcore effects that the body will do after acupuncture! These range from urination, bowel movements (if you’re constipated), bringing on a period, supporting a pregnancy to (tonifying yang in the luteal phase) and even vomiting. Urination will occur if there is too much dampness retained, bowel movement if there is stagnation in the intestines and vomiting if there are toxins in the stomach, and although it is horrible vomiting, toxins are better out than in. Whatever you experience after you acupuncture treatment, if you are unsure as to what you experience remember to let your Acupuncturist know.

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